Synth Heroes

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Guitar heroes are a dime a dozen...what about synth heroes?  There are many examples. Keith Emerson threw knives and carried his own antibiotic kit to deal with some of the gifts bestowed upon him by groupies. Ray Manzarek rocked the perverted professor persona pre-synthesizers and then sort of recast himself as a late night sleaze demon in the 70's.  Robert Mason had a very interesting take on his Stardrive records, head cocked back with a can of beer in hand.  Here's a gallery of men who dared to forge their version of "Synth Hero," see if you can match the picture to the name & band lists...





A- Greg Hawkes (Cars)
B- Rob Hyman (Hooters)
C- Didge Digital (FM)  
D- Vince Welnick (Tubes, Grateful Dead)
E- Gregg Guiffria (Angel)
F- Paul Hardcastle
G- Jonathan Cain (Babys, Journey, Bad English)
H- Jim Peterik (Survivor)

Answers in my next blog...extra credit for those who know which of these men got their start in horn rock masters "Ides of March"...

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