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I always get that depressed feeling the day after the Oscars. It is sort of like the day after you go to Disneyland or the day after you get back from a vacation. It feels like what I imagine some people would feel the day after the Super Bowl. Of course as soon as they are over, I start to look forward to next year. There are some absolutely horrible movies out right now. It is a rare day when there is nothing that I want to see in the theaters, but that will all change in a couple of weeks or so when some great and exciting movies start to come out again. Luckily the DVDs are still coming out to keep us busy during these sad days at the movie theaters. You can start to catch up on the great films of last year if you missed any of them. Michael Clayton came out last week. Into The Wild comes out next week. No Country For Old Men comes out March 11th. There Will Be Blood comes out in April.

There are also some TV shows on DVD to keep you busy. I was too young to watch the original Bob Newhart Show when it was originally on in the late 70s. I didn't start to appreciate the genius of that show until years later when I got to watch the reruns on Nick at Nite. But I did watch Newhart when it aired from 1982 to 1990. I did really love this show for some reason-- maybe this is why I have always wanted to open up my very own little hotel... or this is at least why I love to stay at hotels. The first season of Newhart gets its debut on DVD today. But just like we had to wait until Season 2 of Dynasty for the debut of Joan Collins, it was not until Season 2 of Newhart that the great Julia Duffy first appeared. She was without a doubt my favorite character on the show and I think she probably had the best lines. I was really obsessed with TV comedies back in the 80s. There were just so many great hilarious comedies on TV back then. I am still not really sure what happened, but the great comedies just simply don't exist anymore. Maybe my sense of humor changed-- but how can you really compare 2 & 1/2 Men and Reba to shows like Newhart and Family Ties?

Out today is also your favorite children's cartoon The Smurfs. I was also a bit obsessed with The Smurfs. I am not really sure that I can actually make myself watch this show again, but I am just very glad that it is out on DVD. It comforts me for some reason, and it is nice to know that a whole new generation of kids can also appreciate some classic children's TV. And in case you were wondering, they are of course remaking The Smurfs into a feature animated film starring the voices of John Lithgow and Julia Sweeney. I also just found out that Square Pegs will be out on DVD in May. This show only lasted for one season with 20 episodes, but it made a huge impression on me. This was the My So Called Life or Freaks and Geeks of the 80s. And there is only one more week to go before the release of the first season of The Love Boat!

There is also some music out today as well. Two big R&B albums come out today, and one of them will probably be bigger than the other. Both Janet Jackson and Erykah Badu have new albums out. But the most important release of the day would have to be the new Dolly Parton album! I have forever loved Dolly Parton since I can remember -- long before I ever saw 9 to 5, The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, or Straight Talk, I was in love with the voice of Dolly Parton. She has one of those instantly recognizable voices that always puts a smile on my face. I don't think I have really ever met anybody who does not like Dolly Parton. There might be some people out there who could live without listening to her music, but I seriously doubt there is anybody out there that doesn't at least sort of like Dolly Parton. It is hard for me to not smile when thinking about Dolly Parton. I still have not made it out to Dollywood, but I imagine it to be the happiest place on earth. Dolly has a new album out today called Backwoods Barbie, and she of course has a new myspace page to tell you about it here. The first single is called "Better Get to Livin'" My favorite line from the new single is "I'm not the Dalai (Dolly) Lama, but I'll Try." Brilliant. Dolly is promoting this new album as her first mainstream country album in over 17 years. That would take us all the way back to Eagle When She Flies in 1991, just a year before Whitney Houston covered "I Will Always Love You" for the film The Bodyguard.  I am sure you all remember that year. You seriously could not go a day without hearing that song no matter where you were.

Dolly Parton has been busy exploring other genres over the last couple years. She has spent most of her time making Bluegrass albums and managed to fit in an album of more folk type songs and also an album of patriotic songs. But she is back and ready for mainstream country again. I am most excited about hearing her cover of  "She Drives Me Crazy" by the Fine Young Cannibals. I never thought I would want to hear this song ever again, but on a Dolly album it sort of makes sense. The rest of the album is all written by Dolly with the exception of one more cover: "The Tracks of My Tears" by Smokey Robinson. The most exciting thing about a new Dolly album is a new Dolly tour. She really is something special in concert -- she totally takes over the audience and puts on a better show than you could ever possibly imagine. As much as I am excited about the musical version of Young Frankenstein, I am even more excited to hear that there is a musical version of 9 to 5 being worked on. Dolly has really made her way deep into my heart. She is one of those musicians that will stay with me forever. I can't really ever turn my back on Dolly, so I am going to embrace this new album and count the days until she comes to town.

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