The Employee Interview Part XVI: Corrie

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2.5 Years Employment
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ME: What are you listening to these days?

CC: Neutral Milk Hotel, Vic Godard, Magnetic Fields, Iron Maiden and some Slayer have graced my headphones this week.

What's the best film you've seen this year?

CC: There Will Be Blood & Juno.

What song describes your life right now?

"Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want "-The Smiths

Is there a song you think is perfect, start to finish?  That every time you listen to you wish you'd written?

"Wave of Mutilation" -The Pixies

That's a good pick! What is your favorite music-related film?

It's a 3 way tie between Help, Don't Look Back and Krush Groove.bob dylan don't look back

Two of those are two of my absolute faves too!  So, in the grand scheme of life, it's probably an over-discussed topic, but what the heck:  name the best Radiohead album.

I'm a sucker for OK Computer-- it changed my life -- I mean, that's the one as far as I'm concerned-- but The Bends is AMAZING,and In Rainbows does not disappoint.

I haven't really listened to In Rainbows yet.  I need to give it more of a shot.  So what brought you to Amoeba?

A resume that reads like a mall charter,and a lil' hope of something new and different.

What has been your best find here?

The Let's Shake Hands 7" by the White Stripes. I gave up on finding that long ago
white stripes jack white meg
Ooh I got that here too! That's my number one favorite White Stripes song too!  What White Stripes album is your favorite and why?

I really dig the self titled album (their debut)-- it's raw and simplistic, but it's their punkiest rockin' album.

This is important: what era of Jack White's fashion has been your favorite and why?

The early days with the white Hanes t shirt and the stay pressed jeans, the pinstriped look (circa Cold Mountain), and there should be a mention of the black and red pants from the Elephant tour.

Yes, I think you hit on all the key points with that answer, especially the red and black pants!  What White Stripes-related band is your fave?

The Greenhornes -- they play some great rock n'roll.  The Soledad Brothers -- check out anything by either of these bands and you won't be sorry.

What is your favorite White Stripes video?

That's a hard one.  There's all that Michel Gondry stuff that's just fun to look at.  The new one, "Conquest", is pretty amazing, but I'm gonna have to go with "Blue Orchid", it's dark and hooot!

I should watch "Blue Orchid" again-- that's how Jack met his wife Karen Elson
billy joel -- classic "artist-meets-wife-at-video-shoot "scenario!  They are no Jani Lane and Bobbie Brown from Warrant's "Cherry Pie"!  The Gondry stuff is ground into my brain.  I was so obsessed with that Michel Gondry Director's Series video when it came out.  I adore him and his aesthetic, his creativity.  I think I watched that DVD twenty times or so!  He's a very good match for the White Stripes.  I love "The Hardest Button to Button" but my absolute, number one fave is "Dead  Leaves and the Dirty Ground".  So, um, back to me asking you questions.  What local venue do you enjoy seeing shows at the most?

Bottom of the Hill, Cafe du Nord.

What music very quickly brings you back to your childhood?

The Beatles, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Billy Joel!!!  Madonna (True Blue and before).

So then who is your favorite Beatle and why?

George-- his humor, his guitar playing.  I really admire him as a human. I feel that he was true to himself and followed his path.

What song is guaranteed to get you on the dance floor?

"Common Peopjarvis cocker pulple" by Pulp...old school Madonna.

Wow, you hit upon another one of my less widely-known obsessions...Jarvis Cocker.  Favorite karaoke song to sing?

"Brand New Key" by Melanie, and "Magic Man" by Heart.

What's the best soundtrack to a film, ever?

Pump Up the Volume ... Pixies, Danzig, Slayer, Leonard Cohen .... I heard it at an impressionable age, just can't shake it. TALK HARD!!!

God, I still have never seen that movie.  What kind of child of the 80s/90s am I?!  What has been the most enjoyable instore for you and why?

The Raconteurs was pretty magical; some of my favorite musicians filled the place out, rocked the roof off, and then afterwards theyjack white amoeba instore raconteurs weren't too cool to say hello. I got to meet Jack White, Jack Lawrence, Brenden Benson, Patrick Keeler, and Dean Fertita.  They were sweet and very kind. I also met a dear friend at that instore, Miss Shelby, and we've attended a few fantastic shows together since. All in all a great time. Boris was a close second. They blew the roof off as well, only it sounded as if they brought the apocalypse with them...

Is your band Sexx still up and running?  Any shows coming up?

We're always up, and we do have a show, March 25th at Cafe du Nord, with Nero Nava and the Invitation to Love...

Thank you for your time!

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