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I'm so relieved that the writer's strike is finally over!  We will still have to cope with mainly repeats for a few months on TV though, while they start up writing/filming again. 

quarterlife We've all had our own ways of coping with the interruption of the season during the strike, and one of mine was to go online and watch Marshall Herskovitz and Edward Zwick's (My So-Called Life, Thirtysomething) new show Quarterlife.   Has anyone out there besides me been watching this show?  Has anyone else out there even heard about it?

It's an online only show that's about a group of post collegiate 20-somethings.  It's a strange, kind of irking format-- 8 min or so segments are posted twice weekly for our streaming enjoyment.  Give me an hour, hell, even a half hour-- I need more of a story arc!  But you won't have to wade through it the way I did.  Apparently (thank you, writer's strike) the show is coming to NBC in about a week and I am guessing they will sew the bits together into a full hour. 

The 20-something group of friends live in a crappy apartment complex somewhere in Los Angeles. quarterlife bitsy There's a main character, Dylan, a too-pretty-to-be-an-outcast outcast.  She lives with her friends Debra and Lisa, both skinny-as-all-get- out but burdened with complex problems of course.  Note to casting agent: you can't make a model-esque actress more relatable simply by slapping some eyeglasses on her!  Oh well.  Anyway, Dylan has a video blog where she talks about her own inner thoughts and her friends' lives.  I have no idea why someone would do this and think her friends would not discover and watch the blogs....but I guess on this show it's used as a catalyst for drama. Also causing drama, in a nearby unit there are three 20-something guys, ladies man Danny and film nerds Andy and Jed.  Also, Debra's hippie style friend Eric moves in with the gals after a few episodes and starts filling the house with his aggro leftism.

The first 12 or so episodes were kinda laughable. The characters take a long time to gel and I found myself doubting, first of all, that these immaculate pretty people had the flaws and issues they are acting really hard to convince me of, but secondly, that they were even all friends.  The show was trying too hard at the beginning.  Maybe it still is.  Maybe I just got used to it and started to enjoy it in spite of that.  Whatever. The point is, it starts slow but eventually started to take off a bit, at least for me.   I'd imagine once the show premieres on TV in regular length segments it will come together much more quickly than in my experience.

Although it was created by the same guys who made My So-Called Life and has in it that thread ofquarterlife humanity they are masters at concocting, so far it's no MSCL, not even close, and not even if Brian Krakow (I mean, Devon Gummersall) wrote a couple of episodes.  All that said, it's interesting & it's growing on me with each episode as the characters become more fleshed out and their chemistry with one another becomes more apparent.  It has more heart than something youth oriented like the OC, more heart than a great deal of what is on TV nowadays actually, and for that alone I must applaud the show and hope that it continues to improve.
                                                                                                                  It's tough having glasses.

You will have your own chance to watch Quarterlife when it comes to NBC on Tuesday, February 26th at 9pm.  Or, if you can't wait, you can go here and watch all of them before then.

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