30 Rock - One Small Step For Network TV

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 30 Rock Season 1 is out on DVD at last!

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Ex-SNLer Tina Fey writes and produces the show. I never paid much attention to SNL, but when I did I alec baldwin tina fey tracey morgan 30 rockalways thought Tina was onto something. I feel like she knows what it is like to be a real life woman, and for this, I salute her. She knows what it's like to find women who care about highlighting their hair or finding that perfect nail shop completely alien. She knows what it is like to be the not-as-cute friend, the one who watches quietly while her more high maintenance pals score dates. She knows what it is like to finally get a date and then feel so awkward in that world that one can't imagine how anyone actually forms a real relationship.

In other words, what I like best about Tina Fey and her writing is that she isn't afraid to just be herself. Isn't that refreshing? What kind of world would we have if more people felt comfortable and confident enough to just be themselves? But in the meantime, let's just say, the ratings for this tina fey 30 rock jane krakowskishow have not been good. Ah, America.

30 Rock
takes place on the set of a variety show that Liz Lemon (Fey) and her old blonde friend Jenna (Jane Krakowski) created. Liz is the head writer of the show and Jenna stars on it ... Until one day a new boss who is used to running the corporate headquarters of General Electric, Jack (Alec Baldwin), bursts their bubble and hires unstable movie star Tracey Jordan (Tracey Morgan) to headline the show.

30 Rock is full of in-jokes at the expense of NBC and its owner GE, as well as the entire TV business. The offbeat characters on the show remind me a bit too much of some of the real life characters that inha30 rock kenneth the pagebit Amoeba. The interplay between all of these idiosyncratic players is what makes the show hilarious. My favorite is Kenneth the Page, a blank and sweetly naive Southern boy who none of the staff can quite figure out. The tension between Jack and Liz is great too, since they are both attracted to each other but are determined to cover this attraction. Tina Fey has created a crew of characters that we haven't seen on TV before, and the few types she's included that we have seen before are immediately and consistently skewered, such as the underdressed secretary Cerie and image obsessed Jenna.

The show actually makes me laugh out loud-- no small feat!  In one episode, when Jack invites Liz to a black tie party celebrating a prince's birthday, jealous Jenna also weasles her way into the fete, determined to win over the prince and achieve her dream of happily ever after. What she doesn't realize until she gets to the party is that the prince is pallid and cold. He is wheelchair bound and perhaps even semi mentally challenged. This doesn't deter Jenna, who awkwardly dances for him and stands by as he spits out his birthday cake candles. The prince is played to perfection by Paul Reubens.

If for some reason you are like me and have been slow to give 30 Rock a chance, maybe just watching Prince Gerhardt will convince you that there is actually a funny show on regular old network television!

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