2 Days in Paris - Suitably Quirky

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Julie Delpy has written, directed, and starred in a suitably quirky, very French film-- 2 Days In Paris.

I had loved two films Delpy previously starred in-- both Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, directed by Richard Linklater-- so I had wanted to check out this film that Delpy herself created ever since I heard about it last year.   Now 2 Days In Paris is finally out on DVD. It's style is somewhat similar to those earlier films:  loose, casual, conversational.

2 Days in Paris is about a French woman, Marion, who lives in New York with her American boyfriend, Jack (Adam Goldberg).  They have just been on a trip to Venice which was less romantic than perhaps they had hoped.  They have to stop over in Paris on their way back to New York to see Delpy's family.  It's a simple plot, which leaves ample space for character development, something I happen to enjoy in films.

The film contains a pretty realistic vision of a relationship -- it shows a neurotic, cloudy person (Jack) in love with a floaty, free person (Marion).  It's a total case of opposites attracting. The couple's clashes inevitably made me cringe and laugh as I saw flashes of my own relationship onscreen.

One of the only semi -aggravating aspects of this movie was that Delpy really hits the viewer over the head with the fact that her character and her boyfriend are left leaning "non-American" Americans. (Well, Delpy's character is French but lives in America.)  She tries a little too hard to make this point and it comes off as over wrought, whereas the rest of the film coasts along easily.  Yes, we know the French despise America, and yes we get that since Marion and Jack live in NYC and seem to be well off and well educated that they must be "different" than your standard so called Americans. 

The scenes with Marion's family were some of the most enjoyable and natural in the film.  Delpy really captured family well, with all of its boisterous, gossipy, bawdy humor.  The fact that Marion's parents are played by Delpy's real life parents probably helped with the loose, infectious energy of these scenes.  They are lovingly cringe-worthy, just like a visit with my own family!

There's lots to adore about this movie.  It's charming and somewhat thought provoking.  Just like the French.

Here is the trailer, which manages to make the film seem more irritating than it actually is:

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