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(Drum-roll please)
Merriam-Webster's Word of the Year for 2007:

w00t. – interjection: expressing joy (it could be after a triumph, or for no reason at all); similar in use to the word "yay", example: “w00t! I won word of the year”

The word has yet to find its way into the regular Merriam-Webster dictionary—but its inclusion in the online Open Dictionary, along with the top honors might just improve its chances. This year's winning word first became popular in competitive online gaming forums. Although the double "o" in the word is usually represented by double zeroes, the exclamation is also known to be an acronym for "We Owned the Other Team". In 2006 the Merriam-Webster dictionary voted “truthiness”, from the Stephen Colbert Report, as the word of the year.

However! (Drum-roll please)

New Oxford American Dictionary 2007 Word of the Year is “locavore”. Locavore was coined two years ago by a group of four women in San Francisco who proposed that local residents should try to eat only food grown or produced within a 100-mile radius. Another spelling variation sometimes seen is “localvores”. The locavore movement encourages consumers to buy from farmers’ markets or even to grow or pick their own food, arguing that fresh, local products are more nutritious and taste better. Locavores also shun supermarket offerings as an environmentally friendly measure, since shipping food over long distances often requires more fuel for transportation. The New Oxford American Dictionary word of the year in 2006 was “Carbon Neutral”.

However! (Drum-roll please)

But according to the 18th annual Word of the Year vote by the American Dialect Society, (founded in 1889), the word of the year is “subprime”, an adjective used to describe a risky or less than ideal loan, mortgage, or investment. As in ‘the subprime mortgage financial crisis”, a subject we heard plenty of in 2007, and sorry to say, I'm pretty sure we’ll hear more about it still in ’08. The ADS organization in 2006 chose “plutoed”, which means "to be demoted or devalued", as word of the year.

However! (Just for the hell of it … Drum-roll please)

The first annual Whitmore Blog Word of the Year for 2007:
blathern. To talk nonsensically. Nonsensical talk. To talk foolishly at length.
example: The President’s speech contained only pointless blather.
And the first annual Whitmore Blog Phrase of the Year for 2007:
"Bromancing the Stone": The act of truly and thoroughly enjoying the process of getting and/or being high/stoned with your fellow dudes.

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