The Cyclonic 2007 Celebrity Mugshot Whirl-Around, part 1

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I guess you can say that Daniel Baldwin isn’t the best looking Baldwin, nor is he the Baldwin most likely destined for a career in politics. And you know that’s OK; it’s a terrible profession anyway.

Unfortunately, as I look closer at this mugshot, I have to add, oddly enough … and sadly enough… I can’t decide whether he looks more like my dad or more like me.

 At one point I thought Mickey Rourke was one hell of a weird but pretty interesting actor. With movies like Angel Heart, 9½ Weeks, The Pope of Greenwich Village, Rumble Fish, Diner, Johnny Handsome, they’re not all necessarily great or even good films, but sometimes it doesn’t matter,  I watch Mickey Rourke and I think to myself; “what the hell?’. (Actually way back in the day, before Amoeba-time itself, I used to work for the law firm of Parkinson, Wolf, Lazar and Leo in Century City. One day one of the attorneys walked up to me and said “Hey Whitmore, I just saw a movie starring Mickey Rourke and I thought the character he played reminded me of you. Have you seen the movie Barfly yet?”  What can you do? I lied and said no, then quietly walked away.) Anyway, I haven’t seen much of Mickey Rourke since his last mugshot … by the way; this arrest in November was for drunk driving on a Vespa scooter.


Well I wish I could tell you some interesting story or tidbit about the life of thespian/pre-teen role model Lindsay Lohan, but I can’t… anyway, here is her complete set of mugshots from 2007. Collect ‘em all, trade ‘em with your friends.

This arrest and mugshot actually took place in December of 2006, when Nicole Richie was stopped for driving under the influence on the 134 freeway in Burbank. It all started when a few upstanding citizens reported a black Mercedes-Benz entering the freeway on the exit ramp. In July, 2007 Richie was sentenced to four days in jail, but served only about 82 minutes of the sentence at the Century Regional Detention Center in Lynwood. Specifically, she checked in on August 23 at 3:15 in the afternoon and was released at 4:37 that same afternoon.

Dude it’s the other Ritchie, Robert James Ritchie, better known as Kid Rock … actually I think he got kind of screwed with this arrest. He was trying to get a bite to eat at a Waffle House in Atlanta, Georgia, when he and his entourage got into a tussle with another customer. And no, that other customer wasn’t Tommy Lee. I actually haven’t paid much attention to Mr. Rock since his classic television special A VH1 Kid Rock Christmas back in 2003. Oh those halcyon days!

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