rain, rain go away Part 2

Posted by The Bay Area Crew, January 5, 2008 06:29pm | Post a Comment
After writing the blog "rain, rain go away" yesterday, I was inspired to ask some of my co-workers what their favorite rainy day comforts are, and I got some pretty interesting answers.  Let's check it out:


John Coltrane's Ole
"My sister actually mentioned it once when we were driving around listening to the album.  She said it was good rainy day music.  It's got a groovy baseline."


cloud city

When I asked Brendan what his rainy day favorites are, he told me that he was feeling sick and was actually looking for something to bring home and watch tonight. 
"The Hole is about obsessive neighbors.  It's weird and Taiwanese. 

I was listening to Country Blues by Lightnin' Hopkins yesterday.  It's quiet."

Ben W.

"The Boatman's Call by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.  This album was released during the winter.  The first morning I listened to it, I woke up at 10am while my girlfriend was still asleep and put it on at a low volume.  I opened the window and there was 2 feet of snow, so I crawled back into bed."

"Hvis Lysett Tar Oss by Burzum.  It has Tomhet on it... 'nuf said."

Slowdive's Just For A Day
"It's spacey and sad and you want to stay in and listen to it.  I also like Coffee and Cigarettes."
Me too, Michelle.  That's another great movie to stay in and watch.  I love when Jack explains to Meg how the Tesla Coil works.


Well, there's always the Smiths... and the Thanksgiving soundtrack.  Star Wars for a snowy day, but just A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back."


"I like black and white Italian films.  8 1/2, Story of a Love AffairThe language is beautiful, it's grey outside and on the screen, and you feel in love."


"Ambient 3
by Brian Eno, and Karl Sagan's CosmosIt's good rainy day stuff."


"I was at home not feeling well, and I saw High Fidelity on TV.  It's embarassing since it's such a cliche, but Jack Black just nailed it!.  Santa also brought me some Sisters of Soul, Lovelites and The FuzzKiller of Sheep is an movie from independent African American filmmaker, Charles Burnett."

But Shona, High Fidelity rules!  I have and always will love this movie, and I have the biggest crush on Jack Black!



I watched Uncle Buck yesterday, it's a classic.  I've been listening to this Northern Soul  compilation called Magic Potion. Also, Television Personalities cause it's kinda creepy.

(a fellow rock floor-er)

recommended The Wipers' Is This Real, calling it 'a rainy day masterpiece.'

Well, there you have it.  Lots of different ideas, favorites and such.  I hope you check out a few of these recommendations cause I know I will!  Good luck keeping dry and warm.

                    -maggie the cat