rain, rain go away...

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*warning:  I have a mouth like a sailor, and I write the same way

(Richmond-San Rafael bridge from the San Quentin end)

So, today fucking sucks! (I warned you.) Like, seriously!  I hate being cold and clammy and not able to dry my clothes.  I'd rather have cramps or a sunburn on my ass ...  But anyway, how are you?  Do you have your tea?  Do you have a warm blanket to curl up under?  If you do, it sounds like you're ready to watch some TV.  I know hunkering down in my living room and watching stuff makes me feel better, so here is a list of some of my  favorite, rainy day comfort DVDs:

I have a huge soft spot in my heart for some of the classic Disney movies.  101 Dalmatians was always one of my favorites.  How cute is Roly asking for more food?
  "I'm hungry, mother.  I really am."
My brothers and I used to wake up early on Saturday mornings to watch this movie. (Keep in mind we couldn't get up and make it to school on time to save our lives, but you bet yer ass we were up on Saturdays to watch cartoons!)

I also love Peter Pan.  I always wanted to be a lost boy (or at least Wendy) and fly away.  "Second star to the right and straight on til morning."  Pirates, fairies and a crocodile with a clock in his tail... hell yeah!

I also love Beauty and the Beast.  I know it's one of the later Disney movies, when they went CGI and everyone started to hate them.  But this movie is so grand.  The songs are fun and memorable. 

All of these movies can be purchased at your local Amoeba Music, you know.  And we are open during the crazy storms, so come on by and see what you find!

Don't forget Gremlins.  A Christmas movie, but a classic none the less!  The popcorn bags on the ears of one of the bad gremlin is priceless!

Next we come to TV on DVD.  I don't have cable, nor do I ever want it (except for Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, Comedy Central and History Channel), but I do love me some TV on DVD.  Lately, I've been enjoying some That 70's Show, Heroes, Two And A Half Men (my dad loves this show!) and ALWAYS Metalocalypse, the best show on TV.

But there is one show that always makes me laugh and I will always love:

Friends has been one of my favorite shows since it went on the air in 1994, and I watch it when I'm feeling crappy and it always makes me laugh and feel better.

One of my favorite story lines throughout the series was Monica and Chandler's relationship.  At first, they tried to keep it a secret, but this is a clip from the episode titled "the one where everybody finds out."


A newer show that I've been watching is LOST.  Now, by "watching," I mean for 6 hours at a time.  I've been sick since Christmas, and I called out of work this Wednesday.  My roommate (who had the day off) and I spent the entirety of daylight watching this damn show.  It's like crack ... Television crack.

I'm not sure how to try to explain this show, but it basically  goes like this:  a plane full of people depart from Sydney, get off course and end up crashing on an island that seems to be lost from the world.  There are polar bears, monsters and people already on the island.  IT'S CRAZYNESS!!

Here's a clip from one of my other favorite Adult Swim shows, Robot Chicken:

In conclusion, I leave you with two albums that always make me feel better, no matter how shitty the world seems. 

The Beatles' Abbey Road is one of the best albums of all time, recorded by THE best band of all time ... EVER. There really isn't anything more that can or needs to be said.  Although it was released before Let It Be, Abbey Road was the last recorded album by my Beatles. 

is another one of my favorite bands.  Hibernaculum was the first studio album since Hex in 2005, and it is an album of 4 "covers" of songs on previous Earth albums.  If you love this album (which you should!) they have a new studio album of all new material!!  The Bee Made Honey In The Lion's Skull is the title.  It's not being released until February, but it is soooooooo good!

So, now you have a list of fun rainy day comfort entertainment.  I know I'm going to be watching LOST tonight, so I hope you are too!  Perhaps you can leave a comment with your favorite rainy day comfort...

                                            -maggie the cat

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