40Love hits the Amoeba SF stage

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The San Francisco Amoeba’s first in-store performance of 2008 - and what better way to set off the new year than with a live hip hop show?! (LIVE indeed…) It was just before six p.m. as I stood stage-side awaiting San Francisco based crew, 40Love’s set in support of their debut, full-length release: Advantage. This was my second opportunity to see them in action as my first, only a week prior, was to a packed house a the popular Milk Bar where they opened up for a duo of heavy-hitting out-of-towners. 



Soon after a quick opening set from SF natives, Dregs One and his crew, GMC, 40Love’s DJ Whooligan, local favorite and former Amoeboid… much love, stepped up to the 1’s & 2’s rockin’ a fat gold chain, which immediately etched a wide smile across my face. One by one the 40Love crew was introduced to the stage and the steadily growing crowd applauded the home team. They set it off with a real banger, just as they should, and (emcee) G-Off hits the beat runnin’ with a polished flow that packs a punch and doesn’t let up ‘til the show’s over. In fact… They ALL do. Fellow emcee, Mikos, who also takes on  the task of production for the trio, equally held his own on the mic -- something that so many have tried and failed at in hip hop. (Don’t front!)

On the beats he’s a got well-formulated balance of old and new aesthetics, all of which bump mega! And female member, Haze, rounds off the group nicely with a flow of her own, contributing a little sultriness when singing the hooks, complimentary to the cadence of her counterparts. She repped lovely on her raga bouncin’ solo track, On And On, as well.

The back-and-forth between the three of them kept things fresh and the energy level up; and it was apparent that they were enjoying themselves. G-Off took it back in true hip hop form, rockin’ a brief but slick freestyle session before moving into HotBox (which is about, what? You guessed it…) and practically laughing the intro. “Say: La la la la, I’m so high!” And that’s when it hit me, I was really enjoying myself too. (And, no, I wasn’t even high.) Somewhere amidst the incessant head-nodding and syncopated hand gestures; the comical growling of the call and response and the seamless blending of a couple of  slices of shown and proven classics; soulful deliveries and bangin’ beat after bangin’ beat, I found myself diggin’ & giggin’. Hip Hop was most definitely in the building and it was enough to give any knowing citizen the urge to cross their arms sideways -- in proud, B-boy stance…

  Keep checking the listings for these cats and peep ‘em for yourself. Word.

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