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Posted by Miss Ess, January 25, 2008 11:28am | Post a Comment
Just wanted to say that Black Mountain's new album In the Future is fantastic!  I love a real rock n roll band, especially these days, since so few exist anymore. 

They have a heavy sound with tons of drums and lots of hot vocal vibrato.  Bands that have many different lead singers rule (i.e: The Beatles, The Band), and Black Mountain has the added bonus not-so-secret weapon of Amber Webber and her super powerful voice.  The sheer confidence of her vocals remind me of none other than Grace Slick at times.  This gal won't back down and she knows how to wail! (Yeah, I just quoted Wayne's World, so sue me.)  I love how they trade off vocals during the songs.  It just adds to the overall intensity of the sound.  And it's intense, people, really.

The band is from Vancouver.  Don't we all just love Canadians? Well, I do anyway. Their first, self titled record really caught my ear a few years back-- catchy but loud as all hell crazy Zep-esque songs with  some kamikaze chops to boot!  It's truly a great record and I kept it in my cd player for months on end when it came out.  Hardly anyone puts out good effin' rock music, and these guys are tops as far as those who are trying to keep it alive.  I think this new record cements that for me.

Stephen McBean is the dude who writes most of the songs.  He's also in Pink Mountaintops.  He's really quite prolific.  Amber wrote one song on the new album too.  We had an instore with them lo, 3 years ago now I think.  I was so into their first record I made all the arrangements to get them here!  They were nice cats, if a bit spaced out!  They just came to kill it, not to make small talk.  I can respect that.  That said, checking these guys out live is totally worthwhile.  They will be touring the West Coast soon:

Seattle, WA

w/ Yeasayer, MGMT, Howlin' Rain

Portland, OR
The Doug Fir
w/ Howlin' Rain

San Francisco, CA
The Independent
w/ Howlin' Rain

Los Angeles, CA
The Troubadour
w/ Howlin' Rain

San Diego, CA
w/ Howlin' Rain

I also happen to adore the other band on the bill,  Howlin' Rain, featuring one Ethan Miller of Comets on Fire, another fabulous band that brings the rawk.  With these two groups on one bill, the upcoming shows are virtually guaranteed to kick ass.  See you at The Independent!

Check out this oldie but goodie from the first album.  The footage is...trippy:

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