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It is another mellow release day in the world of music. A couple more collections and live albums. There are actually only a couple real releases out today. Both Too Short and Ghostface have brand new albums out. And there are also some cool tour only type albums coming out on CD by Songs:Ohia. The Rufus Wainwright album "Rufus does Judy" comes out on CD and DVD. I have never really cared much for Judy Garland. But hearing Rufus cover an entire show of Judy's is sort of hilarious and amazing at the same time. There is a live album from Daft Punk and a nice little Nick Drake box set. The Nick Drake box has 3 albums and a DVD. The Scissor Sisters have a live album and one of my favorite little bands called Idlewild have a best of album coming out. Basically a couple cute little things are coming out and two relatively moderately sized hip hop albums. As I mentioned before, the music labels decided to release everything early this year. Sort of like how they released Rob Zombie's Halloween months before the actual date of Halloween.

But there are a couple DVD's worth talking about. The brilliant Superbad comes out as an unrated 2 disc DVD. The movie is no Heathers. But it is sort of more like a Fast Times At Ridgemont High. Or maybe more like Porky's or Meatballs. I really ended up liking it more than I thought I would. That Jud Apatow is really a brilliant man and creating some of the funniest movies out in the last couple of years. The most recent Pirates of the Caribbean movie also comes out. I really do love the ride at Disneyland more than anything. And these Pirates movies are for sure better than the Haunted Mansion movie with Eddie Murphy. But I was really fine with just one movie. It sort of lost me after that. But if they decide to put out a movie about Space Mountain, I will be the first in line. I really do love that ride. I can't really imagine what the movie would be about but I might just start working on that screenplay right now. The sountrack alone would be amazing. The Sigur Ros DVD also comes out today in the more regular format. The beautiful version with the book is out of print and will soon be gone. It really is awesome and I highly recommend it. The second season of Saturday Night Live also comes out on DVD today. I do really hate those best of Saturday Night Live DVD's that have been coming out. I guess the hardcore Dana Carvey and David Spade fans were probably excited that their favorite cast member had their very own DVD. But I really just prefer to watch the entire original episodes. This season covered 1976-1977 and was still way too early on for me to watch live. I have seen some of the skits over the years. But it will be fun to watch these old episodes that I have never really seen. There were some amazing guests on this season including Jodie Foster, Lily Tomlin, Ralph Nader, and Sissy Spacek. But most importantly, the brilliant Shelley Duvall shows up as a host for one of the episodes. Wallace & Gromit also gets released on DVD. "Three Amazing Adventures" includes the fantastic early short films that made them famous. "A Grand Day Out," "The Wrong Trousers," and "A Close Shave" are all included. The Rocky Saga also gets released again in a nice little box set. This time with the most recent film "Rocky Balboa." The old box was a bit ugly and simple. So it is nice to see some better treatment for a series that had such an affect on me. I was really excited about this for months. I was expecting an awesome deluxe box. But the only improved thing is really the packaging. I do like the new black box packaging. I just wish there was more for me to talk about other than the new packaging.

If you know me even a little bit, you might know that I have one or two guilty pleasures. But I don't really feel guilty about them and I am rarely embarrassed. I have always been a big fan of the Rocky films. So much so that I even dragged myself to the theater to see the most recent Rocky film this year. And it really was not as bad as you would imagine. I will most likely go see the new Rambo film as well. I am expecting that one to be horrible. But I am sure I will still enjoy it. This new box set is called "Rocky: The Complete Saga Collection." It includes the original 5 Rocky films and also Rocky Balboa. Just in case you forgot the films are Rocky (1976), Rocky II (1979), Rocky III (1982), Rocky IV (1985), and Rocky V (1990).The original first movie remains a classic film. I often forget myself that this first film was nominated for Best Picture and became one of the most popular films of all time. Rocky came out in 1976 and did better than anybody imagined that it would. The film won Oscars for Best Picture and Best Director. It beat Taxi Driver, Network, and All the President's Men at the Oscars that year. I still don't know if it really deserved an Oscar over Taxi Driver, but a lot of people thought so apparently.

The Rocky Saga has been released about 4 times already in various box sets. This new set is really not different from those of the past. It simply just has the most recent Rocky Balboa included and a couple of Rocky Trailers. The first movie got some nice treatment when it was recently released as a 2 disc version for the 30th anniversary. This edition has tons of commentaries and documentaries and tributes to Bill Conti and Burgess Meredith. But this version is of course not the version in this new box set. The recent deluxe version of Rocky Balboa is not even included. I do really love all these movies and end up watching them all whenever they are on TV. But they do deserve some better treatment. The material is out there and I would really love to hear an audio commentary by Brigitte Nielson and Dolph Lundgren for Rocky IV. Rocky IV remains one of my favorites. All the films have great montage scenes. But the scenes in Rocky IV are brilliant. One of the montages shows Rocky getting ready for the big Russian fight using his traditional training techniques. This is cut with the clips of Dolph Lundgren training using high tech computers and training equipment. Brilliant. Brigitte Nielson is at her best here as the manager and wife of Ivan Drago. The scene of James Brown opening up the big fight with his performance of "Living in America" is also nothing short of brilliant. These movies did really have a big effect on me. I really fell in love with them as a kid. It may be hard to explain to someone who did not grow up with these films. While the films might look a bit outdated at this point. The powerful effect that they have is still there. This does give me another excuse to watch all the films again. I just wish the films were all double disc deluxe DVDs. I would love to see any documentary footage of the making of the films. It would also be fun to watch some interviews with fans who were affected by the film.

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"Fruit Tree" by Nick Drake

"Big Doe Rehab" by Ghostface

"Scottish Fiction" by Idlewild

"Ghost" by Songs:Ohia


"Protection Spells" by Songs:Ohia

"Get Off the Stage" by Too Short

"Rufus Does Judy" by Rufus Wainwright

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