Best Of 2007, Part 8 - More Music Picks of 2007

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Coolest Guitar Solo of 2007:

Hands down, Nels Cline's guitar solo on Wilco’s “Impossible Germany.” I heard the song several times before I knew who the band was, but I recognized Nels’ sound instantly. The solo ranks up there with Richard Thompson’s solo on “The Border” and Television’s “Marquee Moon.”

Favorite Amoeba Hollywood Instore Performances:

Vieux Farka Toure: Best son of a famous father to perform at Amoeba this year.

Paul McCartney: For the sheer madness of it all.

Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings: The best instore of the year.

Ollin: The Chicano and Irish group performed Pogues covers for St. Patrick’s Day. They were so good The Pogues took them on tour.

Money Mark: Money Mark’s back-up singers that night were Petra Haden and Cava. Are you kidding me?  It made all his sweet pop songs sweeter.

Antibalas: It doesn't matter to me who left in the group, that they aren’t African or didn’t create Afro-Beat, the band still delivers and delivered that night.

Brother Ali: Ali brought back that 1990’s Ice Cube flow to Amoeba that night.

Patti Smith: More chaos. People just lost it when she hopped on stage.

Willie G & Thee Midniters: Mostly played the rockers but ended with a slow jam that brought down the house.

Talib Kweli: Still the best live M.C. performer.

San Francisco & Berkeley Instores That I Wish Amoeba Hollywood Had:

Federico Aubele, High On Fire, Pharoahe Monch, M.I.A., Boris and The Budos Band.

Favorite Internet Radio Station has an old school punk show (Noise! Noise!), a great deep house show (A Deeper Soul with L.A.’s most underrated DJ, Mando Fever) and Turn Off The Radio, a mix of Latin Alternative -- and whatever they see fit.

Favorite Podcast

I’m addicted to the Watt From Pedro Show, Mike Watt’s weekly Podcast. It’s not just for the music, which can be iffy at times, but more for his stories (or his “spiel,” as he likes to put it) and his special guests.

This year his guests in included Jim O’Rourke, Steve Shelly, Steve Mackay, Money Mark and members of Boris, plus his tour adventures with The Stooges and a retrospective on the Minutemen’s infamous Double Nickels On The Dime (now 21 years old). My favorite part is trying to decode his speech: his Wattisms are like another language.

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