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Kelly Watson,
Amoeba Music, Hollywood

Kelly Watson
works in the New & Used Rock CDs department of the Hollywood Amoeba Music store and, laughing, says that she is the "only person who only works at Amoeba," meaning that, unlike everyone else at the store (or so it seems) she is not a musician or artist in addition to being an Amoebite. Something else that distinguishes her is that she hails from down under, from Australia. Amoeblog recently pulled Kelly away from her work for a few minutes to ask her some questions about music, her life, and working at Amoeba.

AMOEBLOG: How did you end up working at Amoeba Music and how long have you worked at the store?

KELLY: I used to work at Tower Records and that, as you know, came to an end, so I got a job here at Amoeba Music where I started this April, 2007.
benecio del toro
AMOEBLOG: What makes working at Amoeba unique compared to other jobs you've had?
KELLY: It's much more family here and much more fun here too. For the last fourteen years I've consistently done music retail and this is the best gig by far.  Also the people that you run into never know who it will be.  Like Bjork was here last Tuesday and Johnny Marr was in here last Saturday. Oh and Benecio Del Toro was here the same day that Bjork was here, last Tuesday.

AMOEBLOG: What is one of the places nearby Amoeba Music Hollywood you would recommended to grab a bite to eat?

KELLY:  The Thai restaurant Chan Dara at 1511 North Cahuenga Blvd.

led zeppelin mothershipAMOEBLOG: What are two of the most in-demand Items that customers at Amoeba Hollywood seem to be buying this week that you've noticed?

KELLY:  Robert Plant and Alison Krauss' Raising Sand (Rounder) and Led Zeppelin's reunion release Mothership.

AMOEBLOG: For those outside Los Angeles especially, how would you describe LA as a place to live, work, and socialize?

KELLY:  Well, I am from Sydney, Australia and I have lived here for ten years. And visiting here is one thing, but living here is another is such a fast paced place to live. It's a lot of fun to live and workradiohead the bends here since everything comes through here. Everyone needs to live here for at least a year.

AMOEBLOG: What is your all time favorite album?
KELLY: Radiohead The Bends (1995).

AMOEBLOG: And what would three of your other favorite albums be?

KELLY: New Order Technique (1989), Pulp Different Class (1995), The Cure Disintegration (1989).

AMOEBLOG: First record you ever bought?

KELLY: Cyndi Lauper's She's So Unusual with "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" on it.
the cure
AMOEBLOG: Best album or CD cover art of all time?

KELLY: The Cure's Three Imaginary Boys cover art.

(1979 debut album from the Cure for which the record label chose the cover artwork, without Robert Smith's consent. For all Cure albums since, Smith has ensured he is given complete creative control over the final product before it goes on sale.)wizard of oz

AMOEBLOG:  Your favorite movie?

KELLY: The Wizard of Oz (1939).

AMOEBLOG: Fave movie soundtrack?

KELLY: Trainspotting  (1996).

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