Dallas: Scandal City

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Well, I somehow managed to throw my back out yesterday and thank god I've had Dallas Season 4 at home to keep me company and to numb the pain! 

Dallas was one of the definitive shows of the 80s and I have to say, if nothing else, it's worth watching just for the styling and the cars.  Everything is completely over the top--  from the wood paneling to the exposed chest hair, the whole show is one long nostalgic trip through the fashions of the 80s and I love it!  Pammy's hair (see photos, left and right) alone makes the show!  It goes from rat's nest to sleek to curly to shagged-- every which way.

Maybe I should provide a little more background here:  Dallas is about the trials and tribulations of the Ewing Family.  The Ewings are rich as all get out from their oil business and they live on a ranch in Texas.  The family is large, with matriarch Miss Ellie, patriarch Jock Ewing (left) and their sons, meddler JR and do-gooder Bobby.  They have another son, Gary, who lives in California and returns from time to time.  His young adult daughter, Lucy, lives on the ranch with her grandparents.  Sue Ellen is JR's long suffering alcoholic wife and Pam is Bobby's young, fresh wife.  With this much family living in one house and all that wealth around, trouble just comes right to the Ewings!

There's always a kidnapping, a paternity issue, a scandalous affair or someone's long lost daddy showing up to  wreak havoc on the Ewings.  Because of their great wealth and image in society, someone is always out to get them!  There's also all kinds of drama within the family itself, of course, especially between JR and Bobby!  This show is a real slice of overdramatic life and it really sucks you in.  It's interesting and fun to watch people who are so rich but still so "country" (as Britney Spears would say)!

If you're ever in need of a way to pass many, many hours, seasons 1-7 are already available on DVD!  And when you are all done watching those, we still have a bunch more Dallas to look forward to-- the show went on for about 13 years!  So much scandal, so much drama.  It really is a classic.  Today I finally found out who shot JR!

Oh, and P.S., you can still visit the ranch where Dallas took place, Southfork!  It now is a location for events-- you can even get married there!  They do tram tours as well.  You can get a Chuckwagon Dinner at the end of the tour that includes Miss Ellie's Famous Barbeque Sauce!  Along with Dollywood (of course), Southfork is definitely on my shortlist of Southern Sites to visit.&a

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