Baghdad By The Bay and Halloween

Posted by The Bay Area Crew, November 2, 2007 10:09pm | Post a Comment
Things always weird in SF, California, dontcha know ... but ain't no day of the week is this Mac Dre:

Mister Sexx himself/herself, oh, who cares!?!? That is a costume without a safe word, honey.

Um, Jimmy baby, that aint no costume: you just been working that info booth too much, right next to the reggae section:

Just shows ya, Concord got nothing on ya, SF! Or wait, is it the other way around? I'm confused!


Okay, that explains why all the white men ran screaming out the side door. Ain't no play in that costume!
Trick or treat? SCALP!

Corr-Courtney, baby, I just LOVE your .... well, everything! Except, well ... if I have 4 drinks in me, and mind you, I DO, you kinda look like my mom here.  *faint

                                                                            The Invisible Lance!!

Looks like The Invisible Lance caught himself a werewolf lady. Either that or she's a period costume from Ye Old England Record Shoppe!

WHAT HEARTY MULLIGANS!  Not a line up like that since Die Üblichen Verdächtigen!

I asked that guy in the mask next to the pyramid, "What's your deal, man?" He says to me: "... on this most auspicious of nights, permit me then, in lieu of the more commonplace sobriquet, to suggest the character of this dramatis persona." Sure dude, whatever!

                   I always feel like, somebody's Zombie-me ... ! (No, it doesn't make any sense. Thanks.)

Jess insists that her fruit smashing was in no way homophobic!

Master of the All Hallow's Celebration Eve O'Darkness:  Michelangelo Battaglia!!!

I'll tell you 'where the wild things' were that night: 2nd place!

One more time, for the kids at home:

    . . . o u c h.

... Woman, I can hardly express, my mixed emotions at my Zombie-ness ....


... and the winner is ... Angus Young!!

"Thank you all so much, especially to the Noell-a-saurus behind me for being vegetarian and not biting off my head for din-dins!"

and remember:

"Amoeba is what Tiggers love best!!" Especially Jazz Tiggers like Rachel!

                            - The Insomniac

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