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After recently stumbling across the Craigs List New York City area posting (reprinted below - scroll down) directly addressing the ridiculous current state of the high cost of housing in New York City (and it is so bad that people who go out of town for a week sublet their place -- damn!), it got me thinking about the whole issue of the high cost of housing for all of us, in particular in certain desired American cities including Los Angeles, San Francisco, and of course New York City. 

As eloquently and emotionally expressed in the recent CL posting, which appeared under the heading "Perpetual Childhood" and was written by a Brooklyn resident, NYC seems to be the very worst when it comes to the high cost of urban housing in the States these days. Please take a moment to read it and after you have, please add to the COMMENTS box below your thoughts on housing in the area where you dwell or have previously lived (rented). Is it as bad where you are? Are there any solutions to the ridiculous cost of housing that most of us are subjected to? What percentage of one's income do you think the average person should pay in rent? Personally, I think it should only be 15% or 20%. I also strongly believe that the government, local and federal, should heavily subsidize housing for artists. But when I say this to most people, they tell me I am crazy to hold such foolish beliefs. But what do you think of the state of housing in the USA  today -- especially in cities  such as SF, LA, or NY? Thanks for reading and for sharing your COMMENTS! Here is the posting:


This City is keepin us in F***ing perpetual childhood! Six figures and cannot find an apartment unless I'm willing to swallow pride and sanity and kiss the ass of some F***ing nickel and diming greedy scumbag feudal lndlord. They want you to make 20x the rent and they're looking at you with a straight face as they offer some f***ing shoe box with NO GARBAGE DISPOSAL, NO W/D, NO F***NG SCREENS ON THE WINDOW, MOLD, no closet space. Don't even blink in shame. What exactly am I getting for my f-ng money????! Tell me THAT you d***ass.

New York takes almost 50% of my income in taxes, scumbag landlords take another 30%, panhandlers and yuppie establishments (welfare for the gentry) another 10%. I am walking welfare for waiter-actors, parasites, speculators, overpriced overhyped clothing peddlers with less education and work ethic. Money is sucked out of my pocket as I walk down the street. They are now taking over Brooklyn..$3.50 for a F***ing bagel?! $7.50 for two tacos?!...You're not even LATINO!!! Just because you got written up in some self reinforcing consumerist magazine doesn't mean I'm stupid enough to waste my money on your bullshit. I'm buying F**ing ramen noodles in PROTEST you m-f**ers.

Friends in other states have homes, cars, paid off school loans. They can actually afford to have f**ing kids. At my age, my mom had 3 f**ing kids. I'm still struggling to keep money in my pocket.

And everywhere I look, I see "gentrification" making things worse! I am searching for a long term sublet and there are PEOPLE IN THEIR THIRTIES still looking for ROOMf***ng MATES. WHERE IS YOUR SELF RESPECT?! and subletting for as little time as three weeks?!!? W-T-F? How do you live with yourself when you put yourself in a situation where your rent is so high you can't go out of town for three weeks without having some stranger renting out your bed?!? Stop moving into my neighborhood, you loser! You are driving up prices by encouraging price gouging by greedy landlords. As soon as you hear a neighborhood is "trendy" you rush in and take any little shithole for unreasonable prices and the rest of us sane people are F***ed.

And I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the deceptive listings. Way to go, scum bag. I'm really going to schlep out to your "south" Park Slope; Brooklyn Heights "east" neighborhood in the middle of F***in nowhere because I don't know how to read a map. Do you really want to do business with someone stupid enough to fall for your b***shit? Wait, I know the answer.

AARGH!!!! I JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND!!!!! ...I'm off to an open house. Peace out.