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Another round of well executed, attention grabbing promotional sales stickers.  A very transitory artform as said stickers are almost always attached to the outer shrink wrap, most of them get thrown away as soon as an LP is opened for play .  In vinylandia we often come across NOS Long Players or records that have their shrink  wrap preserved and once in a while a brilliant little piece of advertising art will still be on that shrink.  Here's this weeks finds...

            "lasts a full hour and is designed to be repeated
             endlessly without fatigue or boredom."

             a bit from the mission statement from the
             Environments LP series website, a run of
             "psychoacoustical" field recordings that
             evidently made some big promises to their
             listeners. I'll have to give it a try next summer...

           Butt-rockin' Motley classic,not to be
           confused with the Christian Death
           classic "Only Theatre of Pain"
           unleashed 3 years prior...


On an entirely different 80's tip, below we have a very nice MTV tie in...oh long for the days when MTV played these and many more hair-raising acts instead of the "beautiful"-people-mellow-dramatic-TV-series type programs they seem to push nowadays...


For our final entry today, my favorite of the bunch, Mr. Leon Russell...

      You've got to love a pink egg promo tie in...        &a

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