October Favorites Pt. 1

Posted by Mr. Chadwick, October 22, 2007 12:26pm | Post a Comment
The month of October begins the massive turn inward that results in the great isolation of the later winter months. We in SoCal tend to be spared the brunt of all the snow and ice that is the harsh reality of winter for much of the rest of the country.  Even so, the general isolation that comes with winter certainly occurs here- try getting people out to a performance during even a light Feb. rainstorm and you'll know a true feeling of loneliness deep in your heart.  I thought that I'd put together a three parter featuring some of my favorite recordings for your post Mabon listening pleasure...those lonely nights in your SRO curled up next to your illegal space heater, anticipating the Samhain spirit night quickly approaching...

(Glendale, CA private press)

Always a favorite around the (((6))) compound this time of the year, this LP not  only has some truly great cat screeching and chain rattling, but really spooked out THEREMIN SOLOS.  Originally issued as two separate Halloween themed 7" EP's (one pumpkin cover, one werewolf cover). I have the LP, the cover of which is a picture of a"spooky" Victorian house.  My copy had a former life  as a library LP so the cover has a big rip where the card pocket was ripped off and there's a heat warp warning sticker to the left, which I believe gives my copy creepier feel.

Tom O'Neil
on Pedal Records
(private press from Southern Pines, SC)

Spot on Rod Sterling impersonation by one Tom O'Neil, enriching sound effects  and stock music and a few decently put together supernatural tales make this a comfortable fit for a latch key / B&W UHF watching child of the 80's.  The Cover is very beautiful, Aqua background with dancing Casper type ghosts, covered in the most environmentally challenging shellac coating available in 1961...Truly amazing...

on Witchcraft, Demonology and Exorcism
written by Heinrich Kramer and James Sprenger
translated by Montague Summers
read by Ian Richardson

Original documents drawn up my two Dominicans in 1486, considered for many years to be the most accurate, complete and frank dissertations on witchcraft, it's ceremonies and effects on society- all from a Witchfinder POV.  Shakespearean quality diction makes Ian Richardson's reading especially engaging.  Translated by the infamous Montague Summers-close pal of Crowley, cited and somewhat ridiculed by Anton Lavey, he is well worth researching as his story is very entertaining.  The track titles give you the general idea. I'm sure  that these  writings have been giving some church leaders and many statesmen fuel for their private    dalliances for many centuries...                                                                                   

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