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                          THE ART OF CAEDMON RECORDS
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A personal Favorite of mine, the Caedmon record label was started in 1952 by Barbara Holdridge and Marianne Roney.  In my last blog I covered their wonderful version of the infamous Malleus Maleficarum.  The releases spanned the worlds of legitimate theatre, poetry, oration, kids stories, literature and anything in between. Singlehandedly, the ladies kick started the book-on-tape business.  Poking around on sites like discogs, it's amazing how few of the label releases are listed.  From the innersleeve catalogs in my personal collection of Caedmon releases, their output was immense. Check out our spoken word section sometime and you'll find at least a handful of Caedmon treasure. I've always enjoyed the utilitarian aspects of their packaging and the tastefulness of their art.  The blue, green and white label design is an absolute classic...

For links to comprehensive overviews of Caedmon's history click on either Dylan Thomas LP pictured below.  He was their first signing...                                 


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