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So it's now only one more day until Halloween and I finally got around to watching the Paul Lynde Halloween Special. The special originally aired over 30 years ago in 1976. But it is now rescued from obscurity and released on a nice little DVD. I knew it was going to be ridiculous and hilarious. But it really is hard to even explain. You must simply watch it. The guest stars include Billie Hayes (Witchiepoo from H.R. Pufnstuf), Tim Conway, Betty White, Margaret Hamilton (The Wicked Witch of the West), Florence Henderson (The Brady Bunch), Billy Barty (Legend, Willow, Sigmund & the Sea Monsters), Roz Kelly (Pinky Tuscadero of Happy Days), Donny and Marie Osmond, and Kiss! I know what you are thinking....amazing. Yes it is. And with the brilliant Paul Lynde as the host and Bruce Vilanch helping out with the writing this special was bound to be amazing. Kiss perform the amazing song "Beth" on the special.  The show includes ridiculous skits and musical numbers and the network debut of the band Kiss. I sort of wish they still made specials like this today. There really was nothing like Paul Lynde and he paved the way for many who came after him in Hollywood.

There are some very exciting things out today. First of all in the land of TV on DVD there are two very exciting releases. Twin Peaks the Complete Series comes out today. The definitive Gold Box Edition is really amazing. Not only does it include the recently released Season 2 but also the out of print Season 1. Also included is the original and European version of the pilot for the first time on DVD domestically! It is finally all together in one box. The 10 disc set includes new interviews and special features all supervised by David Lynch. This show was amazing and nothing has ever come close to its brilliance. I have been waiting for years to watch the whole series over again in anticipation of this release. If you have never seen this show in its entirety, I highly recommend it. For my review of Season 2 you can go back and read it here.  I can't even begin to explain how much this show means to me. Also out today is My So-Called Life on DVD. The complete series gets a better more deluxe treatment than the previous release on DVD. This show started a couple years after Twin Peaks in 1994. But it was just as important and nothing has really come close to this show except for maybe Freaks & Geeks. This new release comes with a book with photos and special things from the show. It also has interviews with cast members including Claire Danes and 7 audio commentaries. These are exciting times.

There is also some exciting music coming out today. But let me just start with this little band called The Eagles. They have a new album out today but it is only being exclusively sold at Wal-Mart. I respect an artists right to sell their music wherever or however they see fit. But Wal-Mart. Really. I realize that they probably made tons of money on this deal and will probably still sell thousands of albums. But a move like this doesn't make much sense to me. Are they really saying that they don't care about any real music stores and just want to treat their album like a 24 pack of toilet paper or a wicker chair. Wal-Mart is betting that tons of Eagles fans are now going to be forced into a Wal-Mart to buy an album priced below its worth and then maybe spend more money on some useless things that they don't really need. What worries me is that a band like the Eagles has made a decision like this. They have simply turned their backs on the record stores that have supported them for years  and are supporting a store that is quickly ruining small businesses. I know we will soon have used copies of this album on the shelves of Amoeba for cheaper than even Wal-Mart. But I still find it a little disturbing. Radiohead will at least eventually sell their album at all record stores. It may just be available as a digital download right now, but at least they are not forcing their fans to go inside of one store only to buy their album. Just in case you were wondering. That picture on the left is not the Eagles but "Hotel California," an Eagles cover band. I really do love those cover bands. They are not only available at Wal-Mart but will play your wedding or Bar Mitzvah wherever it may be. You should really see "The High Cost of a Low Price" if you have not yet. It is a documentary about Wal-Mart that they do not want you to see. The Eagles have obviously not seen this movie.

There are also two excellent soundtracks out today. The new Todd Haynes biopic, unique imagining of Bob Dylan, "I'm Not There" will be in theaters very soon. The soundtrack is out today. It features the voices of Stephen Malkmus, Cat Power, Karen O, John Doe, Sonic Youth, Eddie Vedder, Yo La Tengo, Iron & Wine, and Calexico. The clips I have seen of this movie look amazing. I love Todd Haynes and can't wait to see Cate Blanchett. Heath Ledger, and Christian Bale all play the part of Bob Dylan. Alsoout today, is the soundtrack for the new biopic of Joy Division, called Control. It includes songs by Joy Division, New Order, The Buzzcocks, Velvet Underground, Kraftwerk, David Bowie, and the Killers. I will be seeing this movie on Thursday and seriously can barely wait that long. I have loved Joy Division since I have loved music. And like The Smiths, The Cure, Depeche Mode, and Siouxsie, I really can't imagine my life without them. The amazing Joy Division Box Set was released about 10 years ago. But today we finally get the deluxe remastered reissues of the Joy Division catalog. Since they were really only a band for a couple of years they only released two real albums. Both these albums, Unknown Pleasures (1979) and Closer (1980) remain as brilliant today as they were when they first came out. The collection album Still (1981) also gets reissued today. Still features live tracks and outtakes. Joy Division and eventually New Order had an impact on almost everyone I know. These albums are still powerful and really sort of haunting. A nice little release in time for Halloween. The band and these albums are loved and respected by not only the punks and the goths and new wavers but also by the indie rockers and hipsters. How can you not love this band. Seriously. The reissues look great and have all sorts of new stuff added to them. These albums have also been reissued on beautiful 180-gram vinyl.

Track Listing
Disc 1
1. "Disorder"
2. "Day Of The Lord"
3. "Candidate"
4. "Insight"
5. "New Dawn Fades"
6. "She's Lost Control"
7. "Shadowplay"
8. "Wilderness"
9. "Interzone"
10. "I Remember Nothing"

Disc 2
Live At The Factory, Manchester (13 July 1979)
1. "Dead Souls"
2. "The Only Mistake"
3. "Insight"
4. "Candidate"
5. "Wilderness"
6. "She's Lost Control"
7. "Shadowplay"
8. "Disorder"
9. "Interzone"
10. "Atrocity Exhibition"
11. "Novelty"
12. "Transmission"
13. "Novelty" (mono)
14. "Transmission" (mono)
15. "Love Will Tear Us Apart"
16. "Glass"

Track Listing
Disc 1
1. "Atrocity Exhibition"
2. "Isolation"
3. "Passover"
4. "Colony"
5. "A Means To An End"
6. "Heart And Soul"
7. "24 Hours"
8. "The Eternal"
9. "Decades"

Disc 2
Live at ULU, University Of London (8 February 1980)
1. "Dead Souls"
2. "Glass"
3. "A Means To An End"
4. "Twenty Four Hours"
5. "Shadowplay"
6. "Insight"
7. "Colony"
8. "These Days"
9. "Love Will Tear Us Apart"
10. "Isolation"
11. "The Eternal"
12. "Digital"

Track Listing
Disc 1
1. "Exercise One'                  13. "Means To An End"
2. "Ice Age"                            14. "Passover"
3. "Sound Of Music"             15. "New Dawn Fades"
4. "Glass"                               16. "Transmission"
5. "The Only Mistake"           17. "Disorder"
6. "Walked In Line"               18.  "Isolation"
7. "The Kill"                             19. "Decade"
8. "Something Must Break"  20. "Digital"
9. "Dead Souls"
10. "Sister Ray"
11. "Ceremony"
12. "Shadowplay"

Disc 2
Live At High Wycombe Town Hall (20 February 1980)
1. "Isolation"
2. "The Eternal"
3. "Ice Age"
4. "Disorder"
5. "The Sound Of Music"
6. "The Eternal"
7. "The Sound Of Music"
8. "A Means To An End"
9. "Colony"
10. "Twenty Four Hours"
11. "Isolation"
12. "Love Will Tear Us Apart"
13. "Disorder"
14. "Atrocity Exhibition"

also out today...

"I'm Not There" Soundtrack

"Control" Soundtrack

"Disco Romance" by Sally Shapiro

"Based Boys" by The Pack

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