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So these last couple years have really been all about Depeche Mode. But really, my life has been all about Depeche Mode and Dave Gahan. I still remember the day I first heard "People are People" for the first time. My life was really changed forever. This man named Dave Gahan has influenced countless bands  and artists. And much like Morrissey and the Smiths, I really can not imagine what music would be like without him. I am sure many would  like to imagine music without him, but not me. Generations before had The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Or Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. For me and thousands of others, we had Depeche Mode and The Smiths. Siouxsie and The Cure. I think most of us who grew up in the 80s and 90s either loved or hated Depeche Mode. You were either a proud devoted fan or you made fun of them on a daily basis. The mutual love of Depeche Mode helped to create friendships and bring together countless boyfriends and girlfriends. Really, where would I be without Dave Gahan. After releasing his first solo album in2003, "Paper Monsters," he went on tour as the solo Dave Gahan. The shows of course included many Depeche Mode songs. But his solo tours really lacked the energy of a Depeche Mode show. I have probably said this before, but there is really nothing like seeing them live. Just watch Depeche Mode 101 again, if you don't understand. Luckily Depeche Mode was not yet done. They released "Playing the Angel" in 2005 and it was really one of their best in many years. I had never stopped loving this band but it was really nice to know that they were still as good as ever. The band released another live album and another greatest hits. They released a great compilation of all their mixes. But most importantly they reissued their entire catalog of albums as deluxe cd/dvd combos. The albums really needed some remastering. The final two albums just came out a couple of weeks ago. They really are amazing. Each album has its own complete mini documentary about the making of the album. Dave Gahan is now releasing his second album today, "Hourglass." Some might say, enough already, Mr. Gahan. But for those of us still in love with the man that brought us "Dreaming of Me" 26 years ago, there can really never be enough.

The first single off the album is "Kingdom." But I have already moved on to "Saw Something." As the main voice of Depeche Mode, Dave is really putting out albums that don't sound too different from a Depeche Mode album. But I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed in his first solo album. I just expected better. But this new album is sort of making up for it. After a really amazing Depeche Mode album a couple years ago, I knew he still had it in him to make a great solo album. There are harder and louder songs on the album like the first single. "Kingdom" is a great song that will not disappoint any Depeche Mode fan. The same guys who worked on the songs he wrote for "Playing the Angel" also helped with this album. So it is not a surprise that is sounds a lot like that album. There are lots of electronics on the album. But it really could not be a Dave Gahan album if it did not i guess. The album also comes in a deluxe version with a DVD. He probably had so much fun making those Depeche Mode documentaries for the reissues that he just kept going and created one for the new album. The DVD includes "Hourglass": A Short Film, the video for Kingdom, and studio sessions for five of the songs from the album. A new album also means a new tour of course. He is doing a couple live appearances to promote the album this week in New York since that is where he now lives. But I am sure he will be on some sort of tour very soon. And I am sure some more Depeche Mode activity will be right around the corner.

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