(In which Job extols the merits of the Great State of Tey-haas.)

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A map of Texas, courtesy of AAA... or maybe it was AA? Anyway, they were nice and had free maps.

I’ve recently returned from the Great State of Texas; more specifically, Houston and its surrounding communities. I’ve also just eaten a lemon-blueberry scone. What do these facts have in common? They both concern me, though only one of these things will be mentioned again in this blog.

I went to Houston to accompany my boyfriend to his 10-year high school reunion. It was my first time in Texas. It was also my first time at a high school reunion, having never been invited to mine. It’s not my alma mater’s fault, though – I was probably handed a form to fill out so they could reach me, and, knowing me, I ignored it in favor of flirting with Zach H’s girlfriend in the campus theatre lobby instead. Or maybe reading an Anne Rice novel while drinking screwdrivers from my thermos. High school was bleak.

"I hate Driver's Ed, too! Mr. Mancy sucks."

The trip was delightful. Corey gave me a tour that covered his life’s history up to his flight to the Sunshine State. One stop on the tour was Wes Anderson’s high school, where the film “Rushmore” was shot. Faced with this spectacle, I said:


It occurred to me that I should honor the State that so graciously fed me the greasiest* taquitos on God’s Earth, found at the epic Tex-Mex fast food chain, Whataburger (imagine McDonald’s breakfast menu wrapped in a steamed, flour tortilla). Here then, is a list of some proper nouns I love which I have Texas to thank for:

Tex Avery

This is the dude who gave us Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck, which is good. (He also gave us Chilly Willy, which is bad. Very, very bad. I hate Chilly Willy. I hate his little round cheeks and knit cap. I hate his happily flapping wings and precocious, yellow beak. I want global warming to render him extinct.)

*Giggle!* "I just love to frollick in the snow! Also to chew babies' heads until the juice comes out."

Is it too late to tell you to ignore that last paragraph?

Mr. Avery’s influence on the world of animation was huge. He diverged from the more realistic style of Walt Disney, encouraging his illustrators to instead take imaginative advantage of the medium. “In a cartoon you can do anything,” he said.

It’s worth getting a laserdisc player just to be able to watch his complete, collected shorts (otherwise unavailable). I’ve seen it come in occasionally at Amoeba Music Hollywood (in the DVD depot). Not only is it chock full of cartoon brilliance, it’s heavy enough to strike and kill evil ninjas who might try to end your lineage.

But wait! There's so much more! I'll be continuing this testament in my next post, so stay tuned. Yeee-haw!

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