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A couple of weeks ago in San Francisco at the big Apple computer "special event" titled The Beat Goes On -- to unveil all the new Apple iPod models -- the innovative company's mainman Steve Jobs gave Cali emcee P.E.A.C.E. of Freestyle Fellowship a major plug by featuring the artist on the giant screen at the Moscone Center during his September 5th keynote speech. As an example of a video-podcast, he played a short G4 segment featuring the Freestyle Fellowship emcee off a new Nano model.

Meantime, a couple of days ago I visited the Apple Store in Manhattan and even though it was near 11PM (the box-shaped Fifth Avenue store is open 24 hours), the place was packed to the rafters with salivating consumers in a long line desperate to part with their money in exchange for some shiny new iProduct. "This is nothing compared to earlier today," noted one iEmployee while eyeballing the line of about 40 customers all patiently queuing up for an average of twenty minutes to buy iPhones and iPods and other stuff.  


I admit that, like most, I am really impressed with all this cool new technology, but I am more amazed by consumers' blind reaction to run out and purchase it without a second thought. And the iCynic in me makes me shake my head when I see people, without hesitation, forking over $150, $200, $300, or $500 or more for some iProduct that probably costs about 10% or 5% of that to manufacture. And I can't help but project into the future and wonder how long it will take before the price drops, nay tumbles, to match the actual cost (value) of these wee products -- a time when an iPod will come free when opening a new bank account.

And it inevitably will happen, as it always does, when the marketplace
dictates the real value of a product.

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