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How'd you end up working at Amoeba Music Hollywood and what exactly is your job there?

TIM LATHAM: I brought my resume in for a good few months (at least five times) and they told me to keep bringing it in and to bug the shit out of them. I've worked there for about 3 months and I work in the new rock section.

AMOEBLOG: What makes working at Amoeba unique compared to other jobs you've had?

TIM LATHAM: Working at Amoeba Music is unique for a bunch of reasons: [one] being no uniforms. We just wear red stickers to tell us apart from the customers. And Amoeba Music is very chill and laid back and like a HUGE family.

AMOEBLOG: When not working at Amoeba, what other things do you do?

TIM LATHAM: When not working at Amoeba I come to Ameoba and look through soul 45s and CDs to make mix CDs. I also do marketing and promotions for DJs and labels...I work for (help) redbird( Mr Timothy Husom) and work with artists and groups such as Ladytron and the Divics.
AMOEBLOG: What are the top three Items at Amoeba Music in your department this past week that people are seeking out?


1)  Spoon Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga - recent sixth album from Austin band

Interpol Our Love to Admire (Capitol)

3) Yeah Yeah Yeahs
AMOEBLOG: How would you describe the LA music scene to people who know nothing about LA?       

TIM LATHAM: Los Angeles is much like a massive record store. It's very genre based and there's a bit of everything for everybody -- If you're looking to go dance to the 80s and electro and indie go to Blow Up LA or Awesometown. If you're looking to slow down and groove to soul, then go to the Bullet and Sonic. If you want to be hip and seen, then go to CineSpace hosted by Dimmak Records.

AMOEBLOG: What do you think will be the future of the music biz?

TIM LATHAM: iTunes and Snocap are doing really well right now, but if we can save all the mom and pop Amoeba stores and have big collectors then we've still got a chance. Whether it's used vinyl or used CDs, used product is where it's at, especially if that special gem you've been looking for is out of print (one of the biggest reasons Amoeba is so amazing!).


One of the first records I ever bought was a Jimi Hendrix and Otis Redding live at the Monterey Pop festival and I had gotten it for the Hendrix side but when I heard the Redding side it blew me away: the version of "Try a Little Tenderness " to this day is my favorite live track.

The best albums of all time, in no particular order, would be:

  Joy Division -Unknown Pleasures
  Velvet Underground and Nico - s/t
  The Smiths- Queen is Dead
  Beach Boys- Pet Sounds

I think the best album work of all time would have
to be the New Order single "Blue Monday." They did
it all by hand and it looks like a huge floppy disc
and was limited edition.


My favorite soundtrack would have to be a Clockwork Orange by Wendy Carlos


One of my favorite movies is the first Back to the Future.

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