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Parker Posey has been doing movies now for almost 15 years. I have been a devoted fan of hers since the very beginning. I sort of feel like I have grown up with her over the years.I still remember seeing Dazed and Confused for the first time and falling in love with her. I had just moved away from home and started college. I am not really sure what it was about her. But she just seemed genuine and real. Like someone I would want to hang out with. She also continued to pop up in brilliant little indie films over the years. And she was always good. Her first real film was Dazed and Confused in 1993. But she also had a part in the Tales of the City miniseries. Check out my pal's blog about Tales of the City right here. For anybody dealing with coming out of the closet in 1993, this was a super important little piece of television. This was definitely the first time I saw a positive gay character on television. There had not really even been that many on film up until this point. I knew I had to move to San Francisco after I saw this. Maybe this is why Parker has been so embraced by the Gays. She had a role in an important part of gay film history.

I just watched "Broken English" last night. I wanted to see it in the theater really badly but didn't get the chance. It just came out on DVD last week. I had heard that this was a new sort of dramatic role for her. I have loved seeing her in all these brilliant little roles over the years. But I was also ready to see her do something sort of different. The film is a tragic little romance film that seemed to really get the critics talking about her. The movie totally broke me heart and made me laugh at the same time. A brilliant little movie by Zoe Cassavetes, the daughter of John Cassavetes and Gena Rowlands. Her mother, Gena, also has a role in the movie. The film reminded me a bit of "Come Early Morning" starring Ashley Judd. Maybe just a bit less depressing. It doesn't hurt that she has a great supporting cast. Both her love interests Justin Theroux and Melvil Poupaud are not to hard to fall in love with. Justin also is fantastic as Jesus in "The Ten."

The great thing about Parker is how she really becomes the role. It is hard to tell if the movies are just all written with her in mind or if she just pours herself into the characters once they are written. But after watching her films, it is hard to imagine anybody else playing her parts. Broken English follows the life of a single thirty something fancy hotel manager type. She hangs out with her best friend, the also brilliant Drea de Matteo and her bestfriends husband. I am still mourning the day Drea left the Sopranos. She has trouble meeting anybody significant but sort of doesn't seem to care that much. She eventually meets a visiting French dude at a coworkers party and quickly falls in love. He of course has to move back to France and she must decide if she eventually wants to follow him there or not. The film makes it seem that the french dude has just broken up with a woman who is now possibly dating someone she had a one night stand with. That other someone is Justin Theroux. The film is filled with those brilliant little coincidences that can only happen in movies. But it works. Even if my description makes it sound like just another indie romance film. It really is so  much more. It also ends with a great cover version of Marianne Faithfull's "Broken English." I just don't want to give too much away. Just go rent it or buy it and love it like I do.

After Dazed and Confused, Parker went on to star in Party Girl, The House of Yes, and Clockwatchers. But where she really shined was in the Christoper Guest films. She starred in Waiting For Guffman in 1996, and later in Best in Show, A Mighty Wind, and For Your Consideration. I can't really understand how anybody does not love these films. But I know there is someone out there who doesn't. The entire casts of these films are all wonderful. But Parker Posey has always been one of my favorites in these films. She has also appeared in a couple more gay films over the years along with the three Tales of the City Miniseries. Frisk and Doom Generation in 1995 and Adam & Steve in 2005. She also had a small recurring role in Will & Grace. She was also probably the best thing about "Superman Returns," in the role of Kitty Kowalski, Lex Luther's girlfriend. Here is a little list of some of her better films over the years. Just in case you have not yet discovered the genius of Parker Posey.

Tales of the City (93) Dazed and Confused (93) Flirt (93) Sleep with Me (94) Party Girl (95) Frisk (95) Flirt(95) Kicking & Screaming (95) The Doom Generation (95) The Daytrippers (96) Basquiat (96) Waiting For Guffman (96) Suburbia (96) House of Yes (97) Clockwatchers (97) Henry Fool (97) More Tales of the City (98) Scream 3 (2000) Best in Show (2000) Further Tales of the City (2001) Anniversary Party (2001) Personal Velocity (2001) Hell on Heels: The Battle of Mary Kay (2002) A Mighty Wind (2003) Adam & Steve (2005) The Oh in Ohio (2006) Superman Returns (2006) For Your Consideration (2006) Fay Grim (2006) Broken English (2007).

She also starred in a couple "Boston Legal" episodes. Although not the same episodes that my Dad had extra work on. How great would it be to be able to say my dad has starred in the same show as Parker Posey. Parker Posey actually makes her starring television debut this next season with "The Return of Jezebel James." The show is brought to you by the Fox Network from the creator of the Gilmour Girls. The Fox Network is also unleashing a show about the life of Sarah Connor from the Terminator Movies. It might be horrible, but I will sure be watching it.

I am sad that Parker may not have time to do as many films with a soon to be hit television show. But knowing her, I am sure she will continue to act her little heart out in indie features as well.  She stars in the show opposite Lauren Ambrose from Six Feet Under. Justin Theroux also had a role in Six Feet Under playing one of Brenda's boyfriends. I have high hopes for the show. Some of my other favorite film actresses have been showing up lately in great television shows. Mary Louis Parker and Elizabeth Perkins are both absolutely amazing in Weeds and the show keeps getting better. Chloe Sevigny is brilliant in Big Love. She completely plays a different character than anything you have ever seen her do and totally impresses me every time I watch a new episode. So I am really hoping Parker can pull off her brilliance on the small screen. Even if the show does not work out, I know Parker will bounce right back from it. I have faith in her genius.

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