hot fuzz is the new point break

Posted by Brad Schelden, August 2, 2007 10:18pm | Post a Comment
If you missed Hot Fuzz in the theater, I feel really bad for you. It was hilarious to see up on the big screen where it was meant to be seen. But don't worry too much, it still holds up on DVD. The movie is nothing short of brilliant. Just plain brilliant. The DVD just came out this week and I think you should just go out and buy it, even if you have not seen it yet. It was written and directed by Edgar Wright, the genius who created "Shaun of the Dead." The star of both films, Simon Pegg, also co-wrote both films. Simon Pegg's sidekick, Nick Frost, also stars in both films. These British lads work brilliantly together in both films. They are like the Reeves & Busey, Gibson & Glover, or Murphy & Reinhold of England.

"Hot Fuzz" is sort of a spoof of the action buddy films of America like "Lethal Weapon," "Point Break," and "Bad Boys." Simon Pegg plays a London cop who is basically making the other cops look bad because he actually does a good job. He is sent to a small tranquil British town. Nick Frost plays the local cop who he is paired up with. Of course, the small town ends up having some crazy big city type crimes. Luckily both cops have seen enough of those American action movies to know  how to handle the situation. It becomes a hilarious and ridiculous over the top action film. While "Shaun of the Dead" was spoofing the zombie horror movie, it actually ended up becoming an excellent zombie movie. The same thing happens here. It is much more than a Saturday Night Live type spoof made into a movie. It actually works.

This widescreen DVD includes the following extra features: deleted scenes with  commentary, outtakes, US tour piece, audio commentary w/ Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright, Storyboards, Trailers, Fuzz-O-Meter, The Man Who Would Be Fuzz, Hot Funk, & Danny's notebook. I have not listened to the commentary yet, but I am looking forward to it. It will be interesting to hear what these boys have to say about the making of the film. I remember anticipating this flim before it came out. I love Shaun of the Dead so much, that I could not imagine anything coming close to its brilliance. But Hot Fuzz managed to do it. I will not go so far as to say that it is better. But it does do for the action buddy movie what Shaun did for the horror buddy movie. It is seriously hilarious. All I have to do is just think about the movie and I will start laughing. I think laughed continuously during the entire movie in the theater.

 I also highly recommend going back and watching Point Break on DVD. Maybe right before you watch Hot Fuzz. The jokes might be funnier. Point Break was not meant to be funny or any sort of spoof. But 15 years later, it is sort of hilarious. Movies like this really did take themselves seriously at the time. If you watch it now as a sort of parody of itself it is actually a really entertaining comedy action film. The deluxe "Pure Adrenaline" version was released last year on DVD for its 15 year anniversary. This edition includes 8 deleted scenes and 4 production featurettes. The movie may not stand up to what it once was when it came out. But I seriously remember loving this movie when it came out. I was in High School after all. I was a bit obsessed with Silence of the Lambs and Terminator 2 in the year 1991. But this is definitely one of those movies that I associate with the early 90's. It may be funny now. But back then, it was some serious stuff.  Hot Fuzz might be spoofing films like Point Break. But without Point Break there would be no Hot Fuzz.

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