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#    TITLE                                  VIEWS:            Date Posted:

1) The Mountain Goats (Pt 1)                   388,617                      Sept 5, 2006
2) Rodrigo Y Gabriela plays...                     14,381                     Jan 27, 2007
3) Feist at Amoeba Mushaboom               14,127                      Jan 22, 2006
4) Jamie Lidell "A little bit more"                13,281                      Feb 23, 2007
5) Against Me! acoustic                             12,321                      Aug 2, 2006
6) The Blood Brothers                                   9,579                       Oct 10, 2006
7) DJ Cheb I Sabbah @ Berkeley               7,882                       Nov 4, 2006
8) And You Will Know Us...Dead               6,343                       Sept 2, 2006            
9) The Mountain Goats (Part 3)                    5,993                       Sept 19, 2006
10) The Mountain Goats (Part 2)                  5,691                      Sept 12, 2006          

If you type in "Amoeba Music" and do a SEARCH on YouTube you will come up with a variety of clips of varying quality, complete with stats, such as when they were posted and how many views each clip has gotten since posted on the popular video sharing website. Generally, but not always, they are video clips of live instore performances at the LA, SF, or Berkeley Amoebas. But sometimes an "Amoeba Music" search on YouTube will net other types of videos including, say, some tourist's videotaped visit to the Hollywood or SF stores, produced into a mini movie tribute to the music mecca. (Note that video taping is not technically allowed in Amoeba, especially Hollywood, but apparently that does not seem to stop a lot of YouTube posters.)

What is interesting is that the most viewed videos of instore performances don't necessarily translate into the overall popularity of an artist. For example, I expected Paul McCartney's recent, much hyped Hollywood instore to be at the top of the list of most-viewed Amoeba Music YouTube clips, but actually it wasn't. Paul McCartney at Amoeba came in at the #14 most-viewed with a total number of 3526 viewing his video at Amoeba on YouTube. But bear in mind it was only posted a month ago, while other videos have been posted up to a year longer. Meanwhile, the number one (drum roll) most-viewed video was the  "Mountain Goats Live at Amoeba (Part I)" (see clip above) with a total number of 388,617 views since it was posted and produced by 4AD/Beggars Group last September (The Mountain Goats also ranked in positions 9 and 10 -- see chart above). And in the second most-viewed position but with a much smaller total views of 14,381 was Rodrigo Y Gabriela plays Dialo Rojo @ Amoeba Music 1/27/07 (see video clip below) at the Hollywood Amoeba in late January and posted on YouTube at that same time. 

The chart above is the current Amoeba Music YouTube Most-Viewed Top Ten (based on a search from a couple of days ago). #1 is embedded at top of page while #2 is embedded underneath and the other eight vids have links to the video when you click on their TITLE. Note that some video clips appear twice on YouTube, in which case they are only included once in chart.


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