Happy Creamsicles Day -- You got your margarine in my soap!

Posted by Eric Brightwell, August 14, 2007 03:36pm | Post a Comment
Creamsicles are made by Unilever, a company formed when British soap-makers Lever Brothers merged with Dutch margarine giant Margarine Unie in 1930.


At 5 cents a pop, it harldy seemed to matter that creamsicles tasted like Bayer chewable children's aspirin dipped in Triaminic.


Legend has it that if you you truly believe creamsicles taste good and you leave out creamsicle fudge, drinks or cakes on 13 August (The Eve of Creamsicles Day), Creamor the Snake will swing by your house in his creamsicle-colored Ford Mustang and leave you gifts in your creamsicle gloves which you've left by the driveway.

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