Whiskers on roses & raindrops on kittens: IV. Pax de deus

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4.) “The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie”

This is a film by the great, Surrealist, film director, Luis Buñuel. It came out in 1972 and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film (“The Garden of the Finzi-Continis” won).

While most any of Buñuel’s films qualify for this list, I singled out this one because it makes me laugh the most, and that’s something I need right now.

It’s mostly in French, so those of you who get sudden attacks of spinal meningitis at the mere thought of reading subtitles would do well to overlook this one. (Le grand art n'est pas pour des lâches!) However, if you can appreciate a film that is an adventure, that challenges you, and doesn’t necessarily answer the questions it itself poses, check it out. Also, if you like many foxy ladies, that helps, too.

 Girls with curls and big long locks, and beatnik chicks just wearing their smocks

While decidedly a comedy, and absurd to the point of astonishing, it is also a biting critique of social classes, with the wealthy being a primary target.

What is it about? Well, pretty much, it’s about a group of friends who keep trying to have a dinner party and failing again and again and again. And again. I know, you can’t wait to see it now, right? But really, it’s a gas. (Just be grateful I didn’t recommend another favorite, Goddard’s “Weekend”, which I find equally gay, but wouldn’t dream of recommending unless you were really serious about these pretentious French films.)

Another meal spoilt

As an added bonus, “Discreet Charm” has been released by Criterion Collection, so you know you can count on it having a cool, artsy menu page and bonus features in which really old people talk about how great it was to make a movie everyone thought was probably evil.

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