Postcards of My Vacation Back Home: "The natives are friendly. I'm pregnant."

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The bar at The National Hotel. That's me in the denim shirt.

Originally, I thought this trip to NevadaCity would consist mainly of me giving my sweetheart the royal tour – showing him details, hidden mysteries and beauty that only a local knows, but the new and improved Film Festival proved to monopolize our schedule. Conveniently, the entire staff were the same people I would have tried to hang out with anyhow, so that was okay, but the only hidden mystery I got to expose Corey to was the dazzling amount of booze that an average NC townie can down in a day.

It’s historical.

Job & Orion

He did get to meet my family.

I can’t even begin to tell y’all about my family. Sufficed to say, it is eccentric. Like, I’m one of the normal ones, and I bark at UPS trucks and punch people for offering me a “slice of melon”. But, odd as they are, they’re also loving. Corey did just fine.

He met four of my nephews. I have five, plus four grand-nephews and one niece. I am more uncley than anyone you know.

My nephew Orion, age 3, is obsessed with hardware. Typical Christmas/birthday gifts to him consist of hammers, screwdrivers, sets of bowls and, his favorite present ever, a Dustbuster.

As the family enjoyed Sunday brunch on the patio, Orion dragged out his helium tank to show-off to Corey. Long empty of helium, Orion now uses his compressor to fill the tank with air. That’s it. It’s now a tank he fills with air and drags around.

Fun for a girl and boy!

Corey listened patiently as Orion explained this, in fumbling three-year-old speech, as the rest of the family stifled chuckles.

Orion’s older brother, Oberon (named after the King of the Fairies from Shakespeare’s rom/com “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”) is Orion’s polar opposite. Oberon is extroverted, outspoken, moody and fabulous. Ever see the French film “Ma Vie en Rose”? Oberon is the little boy from that movie. He is obsessed with mermaids and fashion. I remember his favorite outfit was a large tank-top that belonged to his dad; it hung like a miniskirt on Oberon’s six-year-old body. Oberon drew jewels on paper with crayons and markers, then cut out these paper “gems” and taped them all over the tank-top, creating, what in his mind was, a glamorous dress fastened with many glimmering, precious stones. He’d wear it and dance to Deee-lite.

High school’s gonna be tough for that one.


The world as seen through my nephew's eyes.

I even introduced Corey to the cat who moved in shortly after my family did. I named the pussy Terrible, after the sound she constantly makes (not so much a “meow” as a high-pitched croak), but my family didn’t like that name and decided on the Northern California cliché moniker “Sierra”. This cat is demure and lazy, but will walk across the room and bite me if I sing the David Bowie song “Young Americans”. This is a true story! I can sing any song written and she will continue napping, but so help me God, she will slink over and chomp my calf by the time I warble “Where have all Papa’s heroes gone?”

You don't believe me, but I have witnesses.


My cat hates you.

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