Here Comes the Bridezilla! Instead of Wedding Bells, I Hear The Imperial March....

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bridezillaThe word alone evokes so much these days.  I am sure you all know exactly what I am writing about.  They are really so common.  I have  myself recently experienced the morphing of a friend into a complete and utter Bridezilla.  It was not unexpected, but still, it was not pretty, that's all I can say.  Whomever came up with the term is a genius-- it's just so simple, so to-the-point...

I don't have cable but, perhaps (desperately trying to come up with any rational explanation for my behavior here) to have some form of commiseration about my off-the-charts coo coo friend/Bridezilla, I have been able to wrestle up DVDs of Season 1 of the We (network) reality show Bridezillas. 


I know, I know.  It's a sickness.  This is probably a new low for this blog.  But there is something about weddings and the emotional havoc they wreak that makes me love to watch the show! It's definitely good to be at a distance from the madness instead of having it in real life. I guess I should add though (deep breath, full disclosure), I am a closet  fan of TLC's A Wedding Story too.  There, now you know everything about me.  These shows are my true guilty pleasure.  No, I am not ashamed of the pleasure I derive from my Entertainment Tonight addiction-- I would shout about it from the rooftops; Something about enjoying wedding shows is much more uncomfortable to admit to myself.
wedding barbie bride
It's kind of weird that I like them at all: I swear I am not one of those gals whose parents dressed her in a tiara and told her she was a princess. I have no idea if I will ever get married and, if I do, what my dress will look like or anything like that.  I suppose I should be plumbing the depths of my soul to figure out why the hell I care about wedding shows, but honestly, I just don't have the energy for that. 

I do, however, seem to have plenty of energy to sit back and watch wedding drama unfold from the comfort of my own couch.  The Bridezillas on the show are not as bad as the title would make you think.  Sure, they are whiny, they are bitchy, they spend sick amounts of money to have it their way and their fiances' eyes inevitably are caught rolling, but I am a bit disappointed with the lack of out and out lunacy that I admit I was hoping for.  The women on the show have a more covert method to their madness.  They demand without screaming, for the most part, and maybe the real lunacy is in how they just expect that their every whim will automatically be catered to.  And it happens. 

Note the husband to be's pleased expression and total involvement.

I should mention, the women followed documentary-style on the show are all living in New York City, and as NYC residents they expect only the best of the best and really do have a larger sense of entitlement than perhaps many women throughout the rest of the country.  It's just a simple fact.  Everything seems to have to be on an even grander scale there.  I love you, New York...from afar, that is.

The brides are completely caught up in the fantasy aspect of it all.  Most seem to have known exactly what their wedding would look like from childhood!  I suppose because they have held this dream for so long they are that much more ardently dedicated to seeing their dream come to complete, flawless fruition.......They will do ANYTHING  to make it all happen, and all the while their fiances sit like lumps and nod along or hide completely from the raging intensity of their brides-to-be.  Makes you wonder what they are thinking, but something tells me the answer to that is NOT MUCH.

prince charles and princess diana wedding day
This seems to be what most brides want. 
Anyone else stay tuned to see how this one turned out??

I love how the recurring soundtrack to the show is the Sugar Plum Fairy bit from The Nutcracker.  The brides are frantically and anxiously awaiting their sparkling all-eyes-on-me moment. The women are so unerringly focused on their own "specialness," on how this day among all others must be the Most Perfect.  Nothing less.  It really is somewhat mesmerizing.
wedding guest asleep
After making it through about 7 episodes of the show, the recurring theme seems to be that by the last few days before the wedding NO ONE is having fun anymore and most couples/everyone else involved just end up worked to the bone and wanting to get it over with.  It's crazy and pointless to me how on the show the couples spend so much money, time and energy that by the wedding date their momentum has broken and they are so exhausted they just push through, get married and get it the hell over with.  There doesn't seem to be much real joy in it, it's more robotic by that point.  So what is the point then?

As with so many things in my life, I am equally fascinated and disgusted by these Bridezillas' behavior, their focus, and what they get away with, and it makes me continue watching the show ...

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