Care To Dance? The Spectacle of Showgirls

Posted by Miss Ess, August 1, 2007 04:31pm | Post a Comment
Let me just tell you, until you have seen one of your dear friends erupt from a volcano wearing nothing but a body stocking and strategically placed sequins, you haven't really been thrilled.

I was treated to such a glorious sight on Saturday night at Midnight Mass' Showgirls screening.

Good Lord, the event was delicious and horrifying at the same time, much like the film.

Showgirls is pretty fascinating. Isn't it obvious that while Gina Gershon realizes the movie is pure camp and revels in it, Elizabeth Berkley has absolutely no idea what's going on and just thinks she's killing it?  Crazy, huh?

I just can scarcely believe a movie like this got made in the last 15 years, movie making being as difficult as it is.  Someone out there clearly thought it was a great idea though!  And thank goodness they did.

I don't think there is a person alive over 20 years of age who doesn't know this movie's plot:  a young woman arrives in Vegas with a dream of becoming a Showgirl. She'll do anything to achieve this goal, as we see during the film.  Oh, it's good.  It's real good.

At Midnight Mass during the pre-show we were treated to some reenactments of scenes from the film, one of which was the scene where Nomi (Berkley) and Cristal (Gershon) bond over their love of....yes, dog food....and during which Martini, as Nomi, actually ATE dog food on stage! Yikes. There were many more moments of horror throughout the pre-show, during which tampons were thrown on the audience and audience members were willingly assaulted by a freakish posse of lap dancers.

All this, and then we got to experience Showgirls in its uncut entirety!
This movie is definitely so wrong it's right.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

If you get HDNet, you can check out local hero Peaches Christ's own TV show this Saturday night. (If you live in San Francisco, chances are you don't get this channel unless you have satellite TV.  What's up with that?!  Who can afford it?)  It's gonna be like having your own Midnight Mass right in the comfort of your own living room! Check out the fabulous preview:

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