What the HELL is wrong with people?

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I'm very shaken by this story, so I will just re-post the story from, in hopes that someone will come forward with a name ...

(07-05) 17:33 PDT SAN FRANCISCO -- The 16-year-old drummer of a San Francisco punk rock band was seriously injured Wednesday night when fireworks thrown by someone at Dolores Park exploded near her right hand, police said.

It occurred shortly before 10 p.m. as Roisin Isner, who has played drums with the band Tinkture since 2004, and an unidentified girl watched San Francisco's fireworks display from a hill in Dolores Park in the city's Mission District.

"They were just sitting there chatting, then they saw a bright flash between them and the girl started screaming," said San Francisco police Sgt. Steve Mannina.

Police began canvassing the park for witnesses as paramedics tended to Roisin's hand and transported her to San Francisco General Hospital, but investigators didn't find much in the way of witnesses or evidence, Mannina said.

"We don't have a whole lot," he said. "We're definitely looking for more witnesses."

Mannina said police have not determined, and probably cannot determine, just what was thrown at Roisin and the other girl, who was not injured. Tinkture is an all-girl three-piece punk band that was founded in 2002. Roisin didn't know how to play the drums when she joined the band in 2004 after the founding drummer was dumped, according to the band's Web site. The band has performed at some of the area's most well known clubs, including Slims, Bottom of the Hill and 924 Gilman.

E-mail the writers at [email protected] and [email protected].

Here's a phone number if you know anything at all:
Non-emergency phone number for the S.F.P.D. (415) 553-0123

If you don't want to deal with the cops, the band has a myspace profile, I am sure they will check that for messages as well.

If you are in SF and hear anything please ... speak up. Here is an email that someone forwarded to me:

Subject: Roisin Isner, Tinkture drummer


I am Roisin's father. July 4th, Roisin and friends were in Dolores Park watching fireworks. Some stupid piece of shit threw an M60 at them. It landed on Roisin's right hand and blew it apart. She will undego surgery later this morning but it doesn't look good. Most likely she will lose her index finger; second and third fingers will also be permanently impaired and disfigured. Needless to say, her musical career is over.

I want this fucker. Media attention will help flush him out. People know who did it and I'm offering $20,000 for a name. Please do whatever is necessary to get the story out.

Thank you,
Chris Isner

The S.F.P.D. currently has 10 police stations throughout the city.

  • 1) Central Station
  766 Vallejo St.
  San Francisco, CA 94133
  (415) 315-2400
  • 2) Mission Station
  630 Valencia St.
  San Francisco, CA 94110
  (415) 558-5400
  • 3) Northern Station
  1125 Fillmore St.
  San Francisco, CA 94115
  (415) 614-3400
  • 4) Southern Station
  850 Bryant St
  San Francisco, CA 94103
  (415) 553-1373
  • 5) Tenderloin Station
  301 Eddy St.
  San Francisco, CA 94102
  (415) 345-7300
  • 6) Bayview Station
  201 Williams St.
  San Francisco, CA 94124
  (415) 671-2300
  • 7) Ingleside Station
  1 Sgt. John V. Young Ln.
  San Francisco, CA 94112-2408
  (415) 404-4000
  • 8) Park Station
  1899 Waller Street
  San Francisco, CA 94117
  (415) 242-3000
  • 9) Richmond Station
  461 - 6th Ave
  San Francisco, CA 94118
  (415) 666-8000
  • 10) Taraval Station
   2345 - 24th Ave.
   San Francisco, CA 94116
   (415) 759-3100

Again ... any information can help. Thank you for reading this, and all of our best to the friends and family, and Roisin.

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