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Posted by Brad Schelden, July 1, 2007 02:05pm | Post a Comment

I love Piano Magic. I know that I may throw that word "love" around a lot. But I would take back all the times I have used it, if I could use it just this one time. This band has been around for a bit over 10 years, but I only just discovered them maybe about 4 or 5 years ago. One of my friends, June, was obsessed with them. Since I like all the same music as him (Cocteau Twins/Lisa Germano/Red House Painters/This Mortal Coil/His Name Is Alive/etc.) I figured I would also love this band like he had. So my first introduction was "The Troubled Sleep of Piano Magic" back in 2003. I quickly discovered they were one of the bands that were made for people like me. I was excited for their next excellent album "Disaffected" in 2005. It is always exciting to discover a new band that has already been around for a while. It is like they somehow kept themselves hidden and their fans kept them a secret. Once you find about them, you want to keep them to yourself for a little bit. Until you just can't take it anymore and you to share them with everyone. When I always think I have already heard everything, it is nice to know there are still some great bands out there for me to discover. It's exciting.

 They have just released their new album "Part Monster" on Important Records. They have  been on about 7 different labels and have had many different members. They are currently Glen Johnson, Jerome Tcherneyan, Alasdair Steer, Franck Alba and Cedric Pin. They are of course from England. They sort of fit into that ambient rock category. Dreamy and ethereal but still a rock band. Sad and emotional and all tragic. The vocalist sometimes reminds me of a mix of Jesus & Mary Chain and The Tindersticks. Sort of like what Slowdive sounded like as they were transitioning into Mojave 3. They also remind me a bit of bands like Field Mice but just with a little Black Heart Procession. That is enough band comparisons. They are just awesome and do sort of have their unique little sound.

I have been listening to this album over and over again since I got it. The first song on the album "The Last Engineer" really sets you up for what is about to follow. I like when bands just go ahead and put one of their best songs first. By the time you have finished the first song, you will know if you love the band or not. If you don't like that first song, you really don't need to bother with the rest of the album. But don't worry. There are plenty more brilliant tragic pop songs that follow. And yes, there is some piano magic on this album. Joined by some synthesizers as well.

This is one of those bands that have been consistently putting out amazing little albums but have still not got the recognition that they deserve. They have developed little cult followings all over the world but not quite enough to come tour all those places. So all of us poor little fans across the world must continue to keep hoping that some day we will get to see them live. On their official website they have a listing of what seems to be every show they have every played. Not one show on the list is outside Europe. I guess there are also a bunch of bands from over here that never make it to Europe. I should consider myself lucky for all the bands that I do get to see that do make it out here. I might just have to fly on over to England or Spain to check out one of their shows. Or maybe if everyone who reads this goes out to a record store and buys their albums, they will be inspired to come out here and tour. I really do love this band. And so should you!

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