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The new album by the new band the 1990's comes out today. I am a bit surprised there is not a band called the 1980's. There is for sure enough bands copying and sometimes reinventing the sounds of the 80's. But since it is now reaching the late 2000's, it has come time for bands to start reinventing the 1990's. Very soon there will be a whole bunch of bands sounding just like Nirvana and L7. There are already a group of bands reinventing the sounds of 90's rave. Shoegaze and Britpop never really stopped existing. The indie rock sound that sort of came into existence in the 90's is still as strong as ever. The new album by the 1990's is called "Cookies." And it actually is sounding a bit 90's. But in a good way.

The 1990's are from the great town that is Glasgow, Scotland. This great little town, which I recently found out is not really that little, has already brought us Franz Ferdinand, Belle & Sebastian, the Fratellis, Bis, Mogwai, and The Yummy Fur. Two member of the 1990's were in the Yummy Fur. Lead Singer, Jackie McKeown and bassist, Jamie McMorrow. This should remind you a bit of Franz Ferdinand. Both Paul Thomson and Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand were in The Yummy Fur. If you like Franz Ferdinand, you would probably like the 1990's. But they really don't sound that much alike. They are reminding me a bit of Imperial Teen. Imagine a British or Scottish Imperial Teen or maybe Sloan or Phoenix. They also remind me of that other 90's band Pavement. They are one of those bands that create wonderful little catchy pop songs. It is very easy to get addicted to these songs. The same thing happened with me and the band Sloan. All I wanted to do was listen to Sloan after I first heard them. This could easily happen to you after listening to these guys. It was what I liked so much about the fun music that was 90's britpop. Bands like Blur and Supergrass were just fun to listen to.

The 1990's had a couple singles out last year, both of which you will find on this new album which is also their first album. They are on a bit of a tour in the U.S. and then back to Europe. They will be at the Echo in L.A. on August 5th and Cafe DuNord in S.F. on August 6th. But don't worry, I am sure at some point they will be back for a larger type tour.

Also out today is another new album by another brand new band. They are called Bat For Lashes and their new album is "Fur & Gold." Bat For Lashes is from England. The band is basically a sort of one woman show. Natasha Khan is "Bat for Lashes." She tours with a group of ladies, but this is basically a solo project. Kind of like a female version of Patrick Wolf. Some might want to call her a female version of Devendra Banhart. But I prefer the Patrick Wolf comparison. She definitely appreciates some electronics along with her dreamy music.  Imagine a musician somewhat in between Kate Bush and Tori Amos. Tori Amos basically sounds like a newer version of Kate Bush. But this Bat for Lashes lady stands out a bit more to me.  Maybe because it is all new to me. But I l like it. She could also easily be compared to  Bjork as well. I have nothing against  the ladies music. But this album seems to be much more than just that. Her influences are also obviously more wide than that.

The album is nominated for the 2007 Mercury Prize. She is nominated along with The Klaxons, Maps, Amy Winehouse, New Young Pony Club, and The Young Knives. The Arctic Monkeys won last year, Antony & the Johnsons the year before.

I am a big fan of the hand claps. But only if they really work with the songs. They fit in perfectly with her magical voice. I have to admit that I did not think I was going to like this album very much when I first heard about it. I thought she was going to be just another Joanna Newsom type. But I now find myself really liking it. I am not much of a Joanna Newsom fan myself. But I do really like the music on those albums. And I do think that fans of Joanna Newsom will easily become fans of Bat For Lashes. Maybe it is just those hand claps that are convincing me to like this album. But it is really good. If you don't like the single "Prescilla," then you probably will not like the album. And don't worry, she does have at least one song about a bat, "Bat's mouth." Just like Patrick Wolf singing about wolves on his debut album. I had hoped with a name like "Bat for Lashes," she would at least sing about bats. She also does an amazing cover of "I'm on Fire" by Bruce Springsteen. It is always nice to find a new band with a powerful lady behind the wheel. This seriously is an amazing debut album. I unfortunately missed her show in S.F. on Monday night. But you still have time to see her at Spaceland in L.A. on Tuesday night. I can only assume that she puts on an amazing live show. But just like the 1990's I know that she will be back on tour very soon.

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