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 Gabriella works in the DVD department of Amoeba Music Hollywood, located in the mezzanine area of the cavernous Sunset Blvd building that stretches one full block. She's been at Amoeba for almost three years now and was recruited by fellow Amoebite Chris Carmena. She works on the registers twice a week and three days amongst the DVD department's movies, which is her passion, she says. In total, twenty Amoebites (a lot!) work in the extensive Hollywood Amoeba Music DVD section, where there is a truly amazing selection of DVDs in every genre you can think of, found both new and used, and at damned good prices.
cocaine cowboys
AMOEBLOG: What are three of the most popular DVDs with Amoeba shoppers in the last week or so?

GABRIELLA: Cocaine Cowboys, An Inconvenient Truth, and with the recent Paul McCartney in-store performance, we’ve had a lot of Beatles music DVD’s selling out.inconvenient truth

AMOEBLOG: Who shops in Amoeba Hollywood's DVD section? And does the fact that the store is right in Hollywood -- home of the movies -- make a difference?

GABRIELLA: We have the most diverse clientele-- from celebrities to tour buses full of Japanese visitors. We attract all types of people because we satisfy every taste!
planet earth
AMOEBLOG: What is one of the most popular DVD box-sets these days?

GABRIELLA: I'd have to say Planet Earth, which, as you know, is this amazing Discovery Channel DVD box-set. Get will change your life!

: What categories are DVDs divided into at Amoeba Hollywood?

GABRIELLA: Well, all the movies are divided by the major categories: Comedy, Drama, Children, Anime, Adult Animation, Cult, Smut, Horror, TV., Action, Mystery-thriller, Adult Animation, Classics, War, Music [we only keep  Rock music on the Mezzanine, the rest of the music genre (classical, country, oldies, hip-hop, reggae) is on the main floor alongside the CD’s], Documentaries, Sports, Imports, Cine en Espanol, Black Cinema, and Foreign. We also have a special section for new arrivals, VHS wall, bargain DVD’s and laser discs--everything for everyone.

: What's a good place in Hollywood to check out new independent films?

GABRIELLA: Well, nearby is the Arclight theater and The Egyptian theateamelier-- they both show indie movies.

AMOEBLOG: What are some of your personal favorite movies on DVD?
  I love Cinema Paradiso and Amelie, but I grew up with Star Wars and Indianoncea Jones movies. And then there is Lord of the Rings and all the classic movies that I was mesmerized by.

AMOEBLOG: What's your favorite movie soundtrack?                                            

GABRIELLA: I have to say that the latest soundtrack I really, really like is the soundtrack to Once. It is a magical musical.

Amoeba Music Hollywood is located at 6400 Sunset Blvd. There is an underground parking garage for Amoeba. For driving directions to the store, click here.

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