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"Da-dah di-dah-da-dah, da-dah, da-dah, da-dah, da-dah" or something like that, goes the sound of that annoyingly repetitive Mister Softee ice-cream truck jingle which, with summer now in full-effect, has been playing in a seemingly never-ending loop in many city neighborhoods, including mine. Like most, I once too loved that song that signaled the promise of a nice cold ice cream on a hot summer's day. But after the first few thousand times or so of enduring that looped sound, it firmly burrowed its way under my skin and got on my goddamn nerves, and I am not alone in feeling this way. New Yorker Michael Hearst of One Ring Zero was so sick and tired of hearing the same two or three old ice cream truck songs playing over and over, year after year, decade after decade, that he decided to compose alternative ice cream songs and has created an entire album of new original music based on the insidiously infectious tunes of ice cream trucks and already a number of independent ice cream truck operators in New York and Los Angeles have started using Hearst's music instead of the traditional truck tunes. Entitled simply Songs For Ice Cream Trucks, the recently released album's dozen songs were recorded using various unusual instruments, including a high-pitched glockenspiel, melodica and theremin. That's his video above.

Similarly themed but utilizing toy pianos electronically remixed by various artists is another new ice cream truck music CD from Twink (aka Mike Langlie), who compiled the reworked ice cream songs entitled Ice Cream Truckin' (mulatta) by various artists, including Ergo Phizmix and Daly City artist Mochipet. He also got rights to the song that started it all and opens the 19 track collection: the "Mister Softee Theme" that was copyrighted in 1960.

ICE CREAM MUSIC OR ICE CREAM MEMORIES/STORIES? If you have favorite ice cream songs or interesting ice cream memories to share, please scroll down to the COMMENTS box below and enter them there. Meantime, check out this entertaining and charming short film "Ice Cream Man." 

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