Posted by Billyjam, July 3, 2007 10:04am | Post a Comment

So I saw this car parked out in East Oakland -- dusty and dirty and truly in need of a wash and on its window was that age old finger-on-dirty-windscreen tag of WASH ME PLEASE. Wash Me Please with the please dramatically underlined, as if to strongly, but politely stress just how very dirty and in need of a wash this vehicle had become.

I find it interesting that people have been, without fail, tagging those same three words (or just the two words WASH ME) on dirty cars for decades and decades. For as long as people have had cars there's been people who've been neglecting to wash them, and consequently others who've been tirelessly tagging them with that kind reminder.

Forever it seems those exact same words have been written on cars, apparently never going out of style or being modernized with each passing new decade. You'd think they'd be updated to something more in line with contemporary slang, while still packing the urgency and importance of the request. Maybe something like "Wash My Ride Beyoootch!" But hopefully not, as it is nicer this way -- those same old-fashioned, demanding yet civil words with that message WASH ME PLEASE mark a return to both kinder times and to a graffiti tag classic.