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Posted by Brad Schelden, June 14, 2007 11:50pm | Post a Comment
I am a big fan of the 80's horror movie. I spent many hours in the video store making sure I had seen every bad 80's horror movie. However it seems that I missed one. Troll 2 is the name of this amazing movie. I had already seen the original Troll movie starring Sonny Bono and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Which is bad in its own special way. But nothing really comes close to how bad this movie is. To start with, it has nothing to do with Troll 1. There is not even a Troll in the movie. It is about goblins who live in the town of NILBOG.
My friends Josh and Andrew were kind enough to share this movie with me last night. The movie was released a couple of years ago on DVD as a combo pack with Troll 1 and Troll 2. This movie is listed on countless lists as the worst movie of all time and has developed a crazy cult following. They show this movie around the world at midnight screenings. This little horrible movie has somehow become one of the best worst movies ever.
I seriously can't stop thinking about how amazingly horrible this movies was. It is basically about a regular family. A clueless dad and a slightly crazy mom with their 2 kids. One, an exercise crazed daughter who refuses to let her boyfriend have any friends. The other an awkward son whose only friend seems to be his dead grandpa Seth. For their vacation they switch houses with a weird family in a very small town. The town is basically all goblins but they are able to disguise themselves as humans. Or they are simply both human and goblin. They seem to be led by a Jim Jones type cult leader as well as a witchy sorceress type old lady who is played by a 12 year old girl. The towns people are all vegetarians and make the guests of the town eat weird green food which turns them into trees which then allows them to remain vegetarians and eat the humans. Somehow, someone thought this would make some sort of sense

 Every single element of this movie is horrible and flawed. Its not just the music and cinematography and editing. But it is also the sets, costumes and makeup. The movie was also amazingly made in 1990. A group of b-movie italian types went to a town in Utah and found a group of very bad first time actors to make the movie. I would really love to see the casting tryouts for this film. The acting is beyond horrible. But it is so sincere. Like a really bad junior high school production. Somehow it becomes endearing. You could really tell the actors were just trying to get through it. They seriously thought they were making a great horror movie. Until they all saw the finished product. After years of embarrassment the fans have brought this movie back to life for the actors.  The actors in the film have now sort of become celebrities of sorts due to their very bad acting in a very bad film.

There are so many mistakes in this movie. There was no director of continuity on board for  this picture. Its more fun just to find them for yourself. The very young actress who plays Creedence Leonore Gielguld is really the highlight of the film. This was the only movie for Deborah Reed. But that got her on Hollywood Squares. And it also somehow impressed Ving Rhames. He married her and they have 3 children. She is meant to be a  probably 60 or 70 year old lady in the film. But she seriously could not be more than 16. She has one of the best scenes when she seduces one of the daughters boyfriends friends. The daughter in this film is also amazing. She is working out in almost every scene and overacts every single line.

The highlight of the film is the actual goblins. Midgets are basically thrown into potato sacks and horrible masks. The eyes don't move as if they made no attempt for them to look real in any way.  Some masks are obviously worse that others. But they are all ridiculous. Laura Gemser did all the costumes. She was famous for her work in the Emmanuel erotic movies.
The special effects are also amazing.  A lightning effect, which is basically just a piece of paper with lightning drawn on it, is used in about 5 scenes. There is also an amazing scene where Creedence is sent back through a broken glass mirror that she has just jumped through. If you think you have seen the worst movie ever, you need to reconsider and check out Troll 2. It is the worst I have ever seen but for some reason I can not wait to see it again.

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