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 After a very slow new release week, we are back to normal with a kind of big week. Some of my old favorites like Shellac, Neurosis, and Marilyn Manson all have new releases. I am anxious to hear all these albums. The Long Blondes finally!!! comes out domestic. And the up and coming brazillian scenesters Bonde Do Role have their debut album out. Out today is also the new album by one of my favorite instrumental doomy metal Chicago bands, Pelican.

This is the third full length by Pelican. Following their excellent albums "Australasia" and "The Fire In Our Throats Will Beckon the Thaw." My friend Jesse first got me into this band. I remember the first day she told me about them. She came running into the office, so happy to tell me about her new favorite band. I liked much of the same music she liked, so I knew that I would love them as well. Like the band Isis, they are not really what you normally think of as metal. They do use many elements of metal but combine them with some of the post rock kind of stuff that has come out of Chicago. Imagine some of the better doomy metal bands but without the lyrics. Sometimes the lyrics actually ruin some of those bands for me. Sometimes you just don't really need the lyrics. The music is sometimes more therapeutic without the lyrics to weigh it down. It allows you to sort of develop your own internal monologue while listening to it. I think I was drawn to Pelican for many of the same reasons I was drawn to the Explosions in the Sky. It is just some really beautiful music. Pelican is a harder version of the Explosions. But they do a lot of the same things with their instrumentation and song development. I guess all these bands are sort of like doom versions of a jam band. But its better than it sounds.

The new album, "City of Echoes" does not stray far from what they have done with their other albums. So I was not disappointed. But I also was not blown away by something completely different. They just do what they do very well. It is the sort of album you can loop and put on repeat and keep enjoying over and over again. It is easy to get lost into their songs. Easy to not want to leave the comfort that they give you. What also reminds me of the Explosions albums is the sense of optimism that you feel from the albums. Amidst all the doom and intensity is for sure a sense of triumph. The songs may take you on a little roller coaster to get there. But you don't finish the album feeling more depressed or beat down. They leave you with some optimism. And I do love some optimism every once in a while. And I sure do love me some Pelican.

Also out today is the domestic release of the debut album by "The Long Blondes." For those  of us that waited patiently for this domestic release, we have been rewarded with a bonus disc with 4 songs and a video for "Once and Never Again." I was tempted to pick up the import a couple times but I ended up waiting. The band is from Sheffield, England and is fronted by Kate Jackson. I wonder if her parents were big Charlies Angels fans. Or its just a coincidence.  Possibly she renamed herself after the more reserved of the angels. Or maybe she is just a big fan of "The Scarecrow and Mrs. King."

 The band seems to have a bunch of different influences. Steve Mackey, former member of the band Pulp, helped to produce the album. I really do love Pulp and you can feel his influence on the album. It does have the feel of those mid 90s bands like Elastica and Echobelly. A mix of girl group sounds and post punk and new wave and indie pop. It works out really nice to create a brilliant little album. Kate has a great voice and it really shines on the album. They are also great at creating a catchy sing along kind of song. The single "Once and Never Again" is not they only catchy song. The whole album is really consistently great. They do manage to capture that sexy vibe that Pulp captured so well. It is always nice to see a female fronted band that can pull this off as well as any dude band can.

 It is really hard to not like this album. It is just one of those albums that is made to be loved. One of those brilliantly catchy albums that you can't get enough of.  And it is seriously going to make me dig up my old Elastica and Echobelly albums. I have been craving another catchy lady in my life. These songs are not just simple pop songs. They really transport you to some late night all nighter type night somewhere in England. The album only gets better as well. I have now listened to it quite a few times and it really is getting better. The album is already almost a year old. But I saved it for this year. I knew I was gonna love it, I just wanted to postpone it until it came out domestic. It makes it a bit better for some reason. It was worth waiting for. You should love it as much as I do.

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"Eat Me Drink Me" by Marilyn Manson

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"Excellent Italian Greyhound" by Shellac

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