The Strange Case of the Jimmy Dean Doll

Posted by Job O Brother, June 11, 2007 12:06pm | Post a Comment
Something I didn't discuss in my blog about our trip to 29 Palms was Logan's unaccountable fetishism of a James Dean doll she purchased at an Amoeba Music auction*. With each passing day, she seemed to become increasingly devoted to this figurine.

At first, it was a funny prop with which to take our pictures. No harm in that.
But then she started taking snapshots of James around the house, or landscape pictures. The final photos here are ones I took when she was simply playing with the doll, unaware that someone was watching her.

I'm considering staging an intervention...

STAGE 1: Fun & Games

Stage 2: Come Back to the 5 & Dime, Melissa Logan, Melissa Logan

Stage 3: Whatever Happened to Baby Logan?

*Every Saturday, Amoeba Music Hollywood holds charity auctions in an effort to raise funds for various causes, such as environment improvement and aid for the Gulf Coast. These are usually hosted by the hilarious Brently Heilbron, who keeps things moving at a brisk and funny pace. Chances are you will discover some rad trinket that you suddenly can't live without, and it's ridiculous how cheap you can buy them. Best part is, all the money goes to deeply sexy causes.

Auctions are every Saturday at 4:00. Bring your rent money.

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