The Greatest: Sir Paul McCartney

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I drove from San Francisco to LA on Wednesday to see Sir Paul McCartney rock Amoeba Hollywood.

I was not disappointed!

The show was AMAZING.

It was also a total whirlwind. I still can't quite believe that it happened at all. I was in the same room as Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr? Too much, too much! This picture captures pretty much how it all felt:

the beatles 1964 paris john lennon paul mccartney ringo starr george harrison

Flash Back: When I was 8 years old I stayed home sick from school one day.paul mccartney help the beatles hofner bass
VCRs had recently been invented. My mom rented me Help.  From that day on, I learned to spin records. I would play records from when I got home from school till dinner time and beyond, dancing around the coffee table for hours on a daily basis to With the Beatles, Help and Abbey Road. For years. Everything I know about music and creation and art I learned from The Beatles. I voraciously read every Beatles book I could get my hands on throughout my teenage years. I became a lifer.

Fast forward 20 years to Amoeba Hollywood.

After watching Paris Hilton exit the CNN studios across the street from Amoeba, paparazzi going wild (gawd, I was in LA!), I went out to the Mezzanine to watch Paul play his sound check.
paul mccartney let it be the beatles
He came out onstage to the 40 or so gawkers and smoothly/nonchalantly began to play "Drive My Car." Surreal.

When he trotted to the piano and began playing "The Long and Winding Road," I started to realize what was going on. This was PAUL MCCARTNEY. The songs that he wrote tap into some place so deep in my psyche, somewhere I didn't think I could reach anymore, that I haven't reached in so long I forgot it was there. And it made me feel SO GOOD, like nothing else mattered. Maybe that sounds simplistic or silly, but this music moves me like nothing else can. (Apparently at least 850 or so other people feel the same way, cause he pretty much brought the house down later in the evening.)

During the sound check I had the opportunity to go right almost up to the stage to watchpaul mccartney magical mystery tour the beatles what was going on. I swear Sir Paul and I made eye contact a couple of times. BIZARRE. I feel as though he is a member of my family, but we have never spoken, never met. I watched up close as he played "House of Wax" and other songs, old and new. He looked older, but he looked fantastic. It was PAUL MCCARTNEY.

Paul was so easy going during the sound check, joking with the small audience, and every song sounded just as good, if not better, than during the set. They hardly needed the check! They were getting loose I guess.  Paul's band mates are so quality. They handle some of the greatest songs ever written and they don't overdo it. When it comes to Beatles songs, I am so easily offended by covers and copies and the like and I appreciated so much how they glommed on to tradition and kept it close to the original recordingspaul mccartney 1963 the beatles cavern club hofner bass as much as possible.

I was mostly up close so I could see the Hofner Bass. It's totally mind blowing that he is still playing the same bass that's been with him since the Cavern Club. It looked...shiny, like it was not as old as it is. 

When he had cleared off the stage to as much thunderous applause as about 60 people could possibly give, they started bringing the fans in.  These people had camped outside the store for about 3 days before the instore to ensure their spots. They are SUPER FANS. Each time the employees would bring in another row of campers, everyone would cheer, whistle and shout for them-- they had finally made it! The whole place was inspiring and the energy was through the roof! 
ringo starr amoeba music paul mccartney instore june 2007
When Ringo came out of the Green Room to take his place, the whole crowd started chanting his name.  I was in the Mezzanine watching from above and the whole energy of the crowd shifted toward him. He (rightfully) pointed to the stage and said he was there to see Paul. And there he was ... Paul popped out onstage right then, launching again into "Drive My Car." The whole experience was beyond unreal.

I found myself distracted by Ringo, continually watching him and wondering what the experience was like for him, what was running through his mind. I think I could tell what he liked by how much he bobbed his head. He was really into "Matchbox" and "Back in the USSR," among others.
paul mccartney amoeba music june 2007 instore
The highlight of the show for me was "I've Got a Feeling"... Paul may be in his mid 60s now but the energy he brings and the power in his voice is more like he is still in his 20s. I never thought I would hear that song played live by one of itspaul mccartney the beatles amoeba instore june 2007 writers ... INSANE. It was as close to Beatlemania as I will ever get, that's for sure. The crowd was going absolutely ape sh*t. I have never heard screaming like that before. Paul called the show his most surreal ever and wanted to take a moment to absorb the scene and what was going on. I doubt he's played an instore ever. I felt like the luckiest lady in town.

Paul got very choked up during "Here Today." He dedicated the song to John and George and Linda.  His voice broke several times, and afterward he said he had almost made it through but then looked out in the crowd and saw someone bawling so he lost it again. It was pretty moving to have Ringo in the crowd and hear everyone cheering for John and George and just to think about all the craziness they went through together and how terrible it is that they are not still all alive and together and celebrating the fact that they made it through all that together...

I had found this poster of John Lennon high on the wall to my right and throughout thpaul mccartney linda e performance I kept looking at it, wondering if there was any way he could look down (or whatever) and see us all. He'd probably think Paul was way over the top!

But it worked for me -- when Paul came out for the encore and played "Hey Jude" and "Let It Be" back to back I almost lost it. He has so many songs that have meapaul mccartney instore amoeba 2007 junent more to me than almost anything else and honestly, I just don't even know how to describe the show.

I know not everyone shares my belief in and love for The Beatles. That's of no matter to me. Seeing someone as seminal as Paul still kill it before a crowd, still run from "I'll Follow the Sun" to "Blackbird" to "Get Back" to "I Saw Her Standing There," (perhaps the most emotional song for me of the night)...Those songs hit me hard. They remind me of a time before adulthood... A time when joy was simple and music was just everything. I could care less if Paul wants to get a bit cheesy on me. I could care less if I sound a bit cheesy right now. 

Everyone who knows, KNOWS. Can you dig it?

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