Dreams Can Come True: Boy Shakira

Posted by Miss Ess, June 22, 2007 07:46pm | Post a Comment
Yes, I can admit it.  I watched "America's Got Talent" this week.....

and I am so glad I did, so stop snickering and watch Boy Shakira!  You know you wanna...

She is flawless.  She must have that wig bolted to her head!  I love her. 

I have never even seen this show before and the two minutes I caught made me feel so good I wanted to share it with all of you!  Boy Shakira won me over in a snap. 

On the extreme other end of the spectrum, who knew what a raging homophobe the Hoff is?  He has some anger management issues too.  After the commercial he stormed off set to his dressing room because he didn't agree with the other judges' decision and had the be coaxed back to the judging chair for the next act.  What a loser.  I couldn't find that part on YouTube though.  At least Sharon Osbourne gets it. 

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