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Out today is the new album by Erasure. Yes, they are still putting out albums. It seems like they are putting out a new album every year or so now. Almost as often as their best period in the late 80s and early 90s. Vince Clark, one half of Erasure, is for sure one of my heroes. After helping to form Depeche Mode and create one of the first brilliant synth albums "Speak and Spell,"  he went on to create two brilliant Yaz albums. Then  came Erasure with such brilliant albums as "Wonderland, "The Innocents," "Wild," and "Chorus." Erasure has actually surprised me a couple times over the past couple years by creating some still brilliant songs. They basically invented synth pop back in the 80s. I can't really imagine where I would be without them. They have wrote some of the catchiest songs of the period that still remain great songs.

 This new album is about their 13th full length album. Maybe their 15th if you count "Crackers International" and the brilliant ABBA cover album "ABBAesque." They have continued to make accessible dance albums over the years. However, with 13 or 15 albums there are bound to be some ups and downs. "I Say I Say I Say" really marked the end of the great Erasure albums, for me at least. Some might say it ended with 1991's excellent album "Chorus." In 2005 they ended up making a great comeback album, "Nightbird." I have to admit that I am still impressed with Erasure and their new album "Light at the End of the World." It may not have as many great songs as their albums of the past. But Andy Bell and Vince Clark still have the magic to make a catchy pop album. It is easy to find yourself singing along to most of the songs on the album. It might just be my memories of albums past that has kept me an Erasure fan after all these years. But they still have me under their spell. They created a lasting genre that has affected millions and influenced many.

Also out today is the first full length from Voxtrot. This band got me hooked the first time I heard their EP, "Raised by Wolves." I swore the band was some new twee band form London or maybe Scotland. I was a little surprised to find out they were actually just from Austin, Texas. They were obviously influenced by bands like the Smiths and Belle & Sebastian. They  created beautiful little catchy indie songs. Songs that you could sing along with the first time you heard them. Its nice that they actually are putting out an album of 11 brand new songs. None of these songs were on any of the EPs that have already been out.

 This album easily stands up to any of the other more popular album of the genre such as the Shins or Belle & Sebastian. It is one of those albums that quickly becomes your favorite new album. It makes me a little proud that some kids from my own country can create an album that I thought could only come from across the Atlantic. It just has the feeling of a British indie album. It has those catchy brilliant and intelligent lyrics that the British are known for. I have to admit my excitement about this band has calmed down a bit since I first heard them. Maybe I just listened to those EPs too much. But I am giving the album a couple more listens cause I know it will soon become one of my favorites of the year.

also out today...

"Black Rain" by Ozzy Osbourne


"Mirrored" by Battles

"Boxer" by The National

"So Real" by Jeff Buckley

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