Shameless Self-Promotion - ¡de volada! @ 2nd Street Jazz 5/17

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For those of you who enjoying kickin' it in a club, listening to DJ's spin good music while you get your DRANK on, have we got a club for you!

May 17th is the first ¡de volada! night at 2nd Street Jazz in beautiful Little Tokyo with three impulsive DJ's playing whatever they feel.

DJ La Luz (Lucas Brause) spins some great jazz, all types of Brazilian music, Boogaloo and Funk. He has a great show on 88.7 KSPC called Bright Moments. La Luz is starting to add Salsa and Cumbia to his repertoire, so as they say, Watchale!
                                                                        DJ Pan Dulce is Pati Garcia, who also has a show on 88.7 KSPC called Panaderia. Pan Dulce plays a mixture of Hip-Hop and Reggae En Español, Sonidero and Funk Carioca. Then she hits you with some of the old school Debbie Deb and Joe Bataan jams. You can take the girl out of Baldwin Park, but you can't take the Baldwin Park out of the girl.

As for Gomez Comes Alive??? hmmm... I like my Salsa and Cumbia, but I never mix them together. I keep them separated like two rabid pit bulls waiting to attack each other. I also like my Reggae and I love me some Old School Chicano jams, especially if it involves a Hammond Organ.

Yep, it's got to have a Hammond Organ...and some congas.

Thursday, May 17th @
LAND @ 2nd Street Jazz
366 E. 2nd Street
Los Angeles, Ca. 90012
Phone # 213-680-0047

For more info go to the ¡de volada! myspace page

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