Posted by Billyjam, May 23, 2007 10:01am | Post a Comment
131,577 YouTube viewers can't be wrong! Well, actually, they can, as some videos with questionable entertainment value get repeated viewings on the popular video website. But not so in the case of the cute, highly-entertaining, and skills-a-plenty turntablist Lejo dj who, as of May 23 @ 8:04AM Pacific Time, had gotten 131,577 well deserved hits for his 53 second clip "Lejo DJ," in which the simple-but-brilliant, four-fingered/two-bugged-out-eyes hand puppet character cuts up the vinyl on his miniature gramophone.

Nearly as entertaining are other, less-popular clips by the four-finger artist as "Lejo: Magic Trick" and "Lejo: Accordian" -- his dueling accordion duet with a look-a-like hand-character. Simply called "hand cabaret" and using only bare hands, bits of wood, no dialogue (just music), and a lot of animated imagination and humor, the Netherlands based Lejo has been entertaining Dutch audiences for many years. He even appeared in short-film form on the Dutch kids TV show Sesamstraat (yeah, just like Sesame Street). You can email the artist at: