White Stripes Style Alert! In This Edition: Jack Attempts the Duck Tail & A History In Photos

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That feeling's in the air:  it's almost time for a new White Stripes record!  This one's gonna be called Icky Thump and it comes out June 19.  Part of the excitement of a new White Stripes record is always seeing what their new style will be.  I would even go so far as to say they are Beatles-esque-- between each record they disappear for a bit and come back with a totally different look.  So here's what we have this time:

white stripes nylon magazine

Woo hoo!  I gotta get me a pi....I mean, a copy of that magazine!

Despite not really being all that concerned with fashion, per se, myself, I have to give Jack White (we all know he is the mastermind of the group) credit for being such a fashion forward kind of guy.  He is always off on his own trip, whether its music or style or anything and I respect that....even if I dont always love the look!  Let's take a moment to ponder the many looks of the White Stripes, shall we?  For a band that only limits itself to dressing in three colors (red, black & white, in case you hadn't heard), they sure go crazy! 

Exhibit A, The Early Years:

white stripes

This is when they were going for that childlike thing, circa 1998.

Exhibit B, The Uber Arty Years:

white stripes de stjil

This is when they were going for that "We are Serious Artists" thing.  And it's my favorite of their records too.  Guess that one worked for me.

Exhibit C, The Euro Year:

white stripes

Yes, that IS a white belt.  Guess no one told him.  Circa 2000ish

Exhibit D, Fame Is Scary:

white blood cells white stripes

This is their "Oh God, What Have We Done?!" phase, circa 2001.

Exhibit E, Are You Ready For the Country Era:

white stripes elephant

A personal fave of mine, circa 2003.

Exhibit F, Bolero...:.

white stripes

The Stripes rock Brazil and Jack brings back souvenier bad facial hair. Circa 2005.

Exhibit G, Goth Time-- Everyone Else Is Doing It...:

white stripes jack white meg

Circa 2006

Exhibit H, And Then There's the Phil Spector Misstep:

jack white phil spector mishap

Sure, Phil Spector is a genius producer and gun wielder, but did ya hafta copy his hair?  Circa 2007.

And here, apparently is the Icky Thump album cover, Exhibit I:

icky thump cover white stripes jack meg white

Are they Mariachis?  Maybe they will be playing at Puerto Allegre one of these nights.

I'm sure the only person that is at all interested in this is me....and maybe Corrie...but many other bands are working it this hard?  I mean, bands that make quality music and work it....

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