In A Tired Week, There Is Jolene

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Oh, what a week.

The View is self destructing right there on live tv for everyone to see.
the view rosie o'donnell elisabeth hasselbeck

America's Next Top Model is over.

america's next top model tyra banks jaslene

                                                                            Even b-b-b-boring American Idol is over.

american idol jordin sparks

What else is there?

Well, there's a new video for the White Stripes first single from their forthcoming album, Icky Thump.  You can watch it here: Icky Thump Video Hottness

white stripes icky thump jack whiteicky thump meg white white stripes

Please note that Jack White got a long-needed haircut and looks amazing.  Oh yeah, the song's killer too.  I like Meg's fake eye.  I like the Mexican whorehouse setting.  I like that Jack gets vaguely political in the song for the first time ever.  He's always been outspoken about avoiding that sort of thing so it's curious he put that line about America and immigrants in there.  Good stuff.  It's going to be so interesting to hear if the album sounds like the first single.  Last time with Get Behind Me Satan "Blue Orchid", its first single, ended up sounding totally different from anything else on the record.  We shall see what they have in store for us.

I know I have written about The White Stripes maybe too much but hey I am exhausted today and they are one of mdolly parton hardly strictly bluegrass festival 2006y favorite bands, what I am attuned to right now, so there you go.

These new Dolly Parton reissues are pretty great.  I hadolly parton hardly strictly bluegrass festival 2006ve Just Because I'm A Woman and (speaking of The White Stripes) Jolene.  Isn't "Jolene" one of the best songs ever?  Dolly played the Hardly Strictly  Bluegrass Festival a couple of years ago I was there and she was so amazing she brought tears to this jaded record store employee's eye.  Even afterward when people who were closer to the stage told me she might've been lipsyncing I still didn't particularly choose to believe them or care either way.  Her presence alone is phenomenal.  She sang "Jolene" for us that day, among many other of her songs, newer and older.  In her turquoise dress she looked like she was ready to play some music and then go ice skating, show us some of her tricks.  She played dulcimer, guitar, banjo-- and her flying V electric guitar matched the shade of her dress exactly!  Oh that Dolly, she's the consummate performer! 

Watch this!:

I just love Dolly's description of her girlfight -- I believe she could kick some little green eyed redheaded woman's ass anytime!  Any gal from the backwoods of Tennessee with 11 brothers and sisters can certainly hold her own. I bet she takes her earrings off before she fights and digs her nails and heels in!  But the best is that she wrote the song about it and it rules so much and she made megabucks off of it!  Sweet revenge.

Just for comparison, and if you are not totally sick of hearing about them, here's The White Stripes' version of  "Jolene". 

I think it is so super hot that Jack White doesn't change the genders of the characters in the song.  That YouTube version is not the greatest vocal performance ever, but you get the idea.  The White Stripes released that song as the B side to "Hello Operator" back in 2000 and I love how often their B sides are better than their A sides.  Well, "Hello Operator" is a strong song too.  They are just full of singles and tight tracks.  And tight pants.....

OK, no more.....I gotta stop.

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